Friday Fitness Links

Normally I eschew articles on the internet about which foods make you fat, because in general, eating too much food is the problem, not which foods are eaten. But this article in the Guardian really lays out some interesting information about the change in food manufacturing that’s been occurring over the last ~40 years, and I’m increasingly agreeing with the view that sugar and corn syrup should be avoided whenever humanly possible. I eat a pretty plain diet, most of the time, of fruits, veggies and lean meats. There’s not a lot of room for sugar. The real problem is eating in restaurants or eating processed food. Again I say – avoid processed food, eat clean!


Here’s an article about maximizing your healthy food choices. This is definitely “tinkering around the edges” kind of information, but if you’re already eating healthy, and looking to kick it up a notch, check out this Healthy Food Smackdown.


And, because this morning I really REALLY didn’t want to run (stayed up too late last night), but I did it anyway , here are some basic tips and reminders on how to optimize conditions so that you will actually go running in the morning. I use most of these – pretty much everything except “sleep in your running clothes” because, dude, there’s a limit!

Never tried running before? Lots of people I know and read have had success with the original Couch to 5K plan (C25K). (Sorry, the web site is hideous – but the content is very good) If you’re interested in trying something new and have never run before, it’s worth a try. I like that it starts you out slowly – too many people have bad associations from PE classes of tortuous, sweaty sprinting sessions leaving them out of breath and nauseous. That’s not how it has to be!


8 Responses to “Friday Fitness Links”

  1. beanolc Says:

    I’m not saying anything by this, but I just printed out the Couch to 5K plan.

  2. J. Says:

    i enjoyed those first two articles

  3. womanoflesssubstance Says:

    That Guardian article is really interesting. Sugar being the real culprit rather than fat feels like it could be true (I am not a scientist and haven’t done a huge amount of reading about this!). I’ve certainly found that if I have something sweet to eat then I want to snack more that day but if I indulge in something fatty instead it doesn’t have the same day long effect.

    And running in the morning? I did once sleep in my running clothes and it was almost exactly perfect except for two things. 1) Running bra’s are not comfortable enough 2) My husband looked at me very strangely (and not in a goodway!).

  4. snapshotstacy Says:

    I’ve been doing the C25K program. And I’m RUNNING! Not fast, but running.
    Robert & I did a 5K Foam Fest last weekend & a 2.5 mile Run Amuck yesterday.
    It’s been amazing.

    But, I have to say – what has really made me enjoy running?
    A really good sports bra. For reals.
    It has completely changed how I feel about running!
    It’s no longer the painful “oh my god I’m going to lose my eyes in a horrible jog-induced bouncing accident” experience that it used to be!

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