Stop and think! Better yet….don’t.

I ran four and a half miles this morning with only one contact in. I’m not exactly sure what happened – although I will stipulate upfront that one of the things I like about running at 6am is that I’m not quite awake enough yet to talk myself out of it. Which means I’m probably not awake enough yet to be putting contacts in but my prescription sunglasses have been fogging up and slipping down my nose, so contacts are generally less annoying.

Unless you leave one on the side of the sink. It was giving me trouble and I thought I had it in, but once I hit the road I noticed all the signs and trees were fuzzy, particularly to my right eye. Ugh. Didn’t give me a headache, and I did the longer 4.6 mile route I’d previewed on Sunday, so that was good overall.

But…today I found myself doing something I think we all do. I found myself considering some item of food, some bit or bite, and thinking, “What the hell, I ran four and a half miles today, I can eat that!” Soooo dangerous. I need to be more vigilant because it worked a few times on me today and that’s all it takes to wipe out all the good I did early in the morning.

Back to the thing I mentioned earlier though, about getting up early to run and not being awake enough to talk myself out of it. I find that it’s easiest to talk myself out of exercising when I stop to think about it at all. And the times when I have to do that are when it’s a new routine, or a new activity. You know – not yet a habit. Because once it’s a habit I just DO IT, I don’t have to stop to think about whether I have all the gear I need ready to go, I don’t have to wonder if I’m feeling good enough for it, I don’t have to plot out a new route or figure out a good time for it, because I’ve done it dozens of times already.

So I highly encourage you (and me! I totally follow my own advice) to find a time, place, and form of exercise that you can do without thinking too much. Cause I know you (and me!) and we’re smart enough to find an excuse not to do it, if we stop and think about it!


4 Responses to “Stop and think! Better yet….don’t.”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    True and true again, Laina. I’m very good at the whole, “I worked my butt off, I can have (fill in the blank here).” Then what was the point?

  2. Caron Says:

    That is my second biggest beef with Weight Watchers after “free” fruit. They allow you to accumulate activity points which you can then consume. What’s the point in that???

    That is one thing I liked about the second episode of Weight of the Nation. They were very specific in how much exercise it took to work off one item of food like a doughnut. I read blogs every day where people say they burned 1000 calories and then they eat a lot more. I usually just shake my head and wonder how they figured up that number of calories.

  3. Cee Says:

    I am an expert at talking myself out of exercise. If I don’t exercise first thing it probably isn’t going to happen.

  4. kristi Says:

    Since I work late, I like to exercise in the mornings EARLY.

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