Yellow Squash – Raw?

This week I’m back at the all-day meetings in a hotel conference room for work. Today the afternoon snack that the hotel catering staff brought in really impressed me, and I learned something new.

They brought in a giant veggie tray (that’s a giant tray, not a tray of giant veggies!) with carrots, bell peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, yellow squash, and celery all cut into easy-to-eat chunks surrounding a bowl of hummus. They also had a bowl of baked pita chips, but those don’t have much nutritional value so I avoided them. I’m positive I’ve never eaten summer squash raw before, but I was intrigued so I added a single spear of yellow squash to my little plate.

It was so delicious! I went back and got a plateful. I’m totally going to be eating raw yellow squash sliced into spears from now on! I found it to be the perfect way to eat a little bit of hummus – a little crunchy, but light and not overpowering in flavor. A+ for the catering staff at the Four Points Sheraton for introducing me to a new way to eat a veggie I wasn’t previously a huge fan of!

Snack Time in the Conference Room

Edited to add: Oh yeah, and I almost forgot the best part! A cup of summer squash is about 18 calories– that’s like nothing! I could completely gorge myself on this stuff and not damage my weight management efforts in any way!


9 Responses to “Yellow Squash – Raw?”

  1. Cathyn Says:

    “I’m totally going to be eating raw yellow squash sliced into spears from now on!”

    Noted, and allowances will be made!

  2. travelerontherun Says:

    Yellow squash is one of my absolute favorite summer veggies. I eat it both raw and grilled. Yummy!! Never tried it with hummus though, but hummus is good with any veggie!

  3. Donna Says:

    Various recipes I’ve seen but not tried, claim that if you cut raw summer squash and/or zuchini with a veggie pealer in long ribbons, it makes a good stand in for pasta. So, squash ribbons tossed with diced raw tomatoes of various colors and chopped green and purple basil with a splash of balsamic could be tasty, colorful and not too many calories.

    • Kaaren Says:

      YES. It’s true. And if you do some green zuc and some yellow, it’s really pretty, too! Squasta. Zoodles. Spagini. *giggle* And don’t forget Miracle Noodles! Also great (you taught me about those, Laina), but the Zoodles have more nutritional value.

  4. Caron Says:

    Sounds good. I eat raw zucchini but, like you, have not tried yellow squash raw. Thanks for the idea. 🙂

  5. dana Says:

    We recently went to a catered event and they had little veggie cups with celery sticks, a carrot, a red pepper strip, asparagus, a spear each or zucchini and yellow squash. I had never eaten them raw. SO good! Everyone was commenting on how fresh and crisp it was. I cant wait to have them again at home. YuM!

  6. Carol Ann Says:

    glad someone already asked this question! am making “hors-a-douvers” for 60 for a yard paty this afternoon and wanted to use zuc, cuc & yellow squash as bases for cheese-topped, tapanade(sp) and pepper jelly nibblers! thanks again.

  7. Carol Ann Says:

    mine are made and just waiting ’til it’s time to leave for the par-tay! they sure do taste good/ hadta sample of course.let ya’ll know later what the rest thought.

  8. Mina Says:

    Delicious but easy to eat too much of! It can easily upset your stomach if you get too carried away!

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