Oh Toes!

Exactly 4 weeks ago today I noticed that one of my toenails was purple. It was the day I ran 6.2 miles for the first time. It didn’t particularly hurt, it was just reddish-purple. I left it alone and figured it would sort itself out like a good little minion. I’ve never had such a thing happen before, but like I said, it didn’t hurt.

Over the last month it hasn’t gotten any better, in fact it’s now black, the skin underneath it is a little black, and the nail is starting to have a bit of a grey sheen to it, not unlike a snake getting ready to shed. Still doesn’t hurt, and in the last month I’ve been able to continue running my little heart out – last weekend I posted my longest run ever, so obviously it’s not causing me any problems. Just…looks weird.

Today I finally got around to googling it and turns out a black toe is no big deal, fairly common for runners and ignoring it is exactly the right course of action. So that’s good news. I’m growing a “toenail in training” under there!

My Black Toe!

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Link Round Up: Diet Pills, Olympians, Ice Cream and More!

Yeah, yeah, I heard about the new weight loss pill on the market. Go read about it if you’re into that sort of thing, but bottom line is that this thing, for all it’s side effects, helped people lose 5% of their starting weight in trials. Who is that supposed to impress?? Also not covered in any of the media hoopla: Will the weight stay off once you go off the drug? Oh…right..it’s not covered because the answer surely can only be: NO. Pshaw, I say!

In better news, athletes come in all shapes and sizes. Sadly, not all of them get lucrative sponsorship deals.

Health (but not necessarily weight) related news: Let’s add a little dirt to our diets!

It’s summer! Time for ice cream! If you gotta do it, here’s a list of some frozen treats that aren’t so bad.

And finally: Everybody’s got a song inside them!  So get yourself a record deal. Go on.

Keeping Focused on a Weight Loss Program

I’m working on dropping 10 pounds right now. One of the commonest diet tropes I’ve heard is “most diets only last 3 days.” I’m pretty sure the reason that’s the case is because for the first few days you are still in the “honeymoon phase” of the diet – you’re still excited about the plan and focused on staying on track, because it’s the Exciting New Thing in your life.

After a few days, though, that begins to wear off. That’s when you need to figure out what it takes to keep yourself focused, so you don’t stray. Here are some of the techniques that I’ve used, or that I’ve seen others use to good effect.

Being accountable to somebody other than yourself works great! This is a big part of weight loss plans that require attendance and weigh ins – they’re not just to embarrass you – it’s to give you one more reason to stay on-target during the week. I know that for me, the challenge to post a good result in front of the person who weighs me in is a big motivator. Also…paying money to be on a program enhances that accountability for me – I don’t want to waste my money!

Group Support Sessions
Slightly different than accountability, but usually dispensed at the same time. Any plan where you get to meet with a trained leader at least once a week and exchange new ideas for ways to stay on-target is helpful. I have gotten some of my best tricks and methods from classes I attended as part of a weight loss or weight maintenance program. A good class leader will inspire and motivate, draw out new ideas from other class members, and send you out the door as fired up and excited about your week as you were the first day you started.

Having a Specific Goal
Having a solid goal with a deadline is a great motivator. “I want to lose 15 pounds by August 1st” would be a great example of a goal. Having a solid goal to meet can help on those days when you find yourself thinking, “What harm is one little bag of M&Ms going to do…?” Well, if you have a specific goal you can say, “It will slow or prevent me from reaching my goal – that’s not worth it!”

Environmental Control
Easy to not stray when you just don’t have easy access to foods that aren’t on your program. It’s not exactly in the same category as the motivators I’ve already listed above, but clearing my environment of landmines (foodmines?) makes a huge difference in my ability to avoid diet-compromising situations.

What did I miss? How do you stay focused and avoid straying when that temptation starts to creep in after the diet honeymoon has worn off?

Weigh in, and a couple of links

Pretty good result. I started on Thursday soit hasn’t quite been a week but Tuesday is my usual weigh-in. I don’t have much to say about it other than I’m going to continue doing what I’m doing, and I expect that from here on out it’s going to be a lot slower – probably closer to 1/2 to 1 pound per week.

Except for those 3 weeks in July when I’ll be on vacation and therefore unable to weigh, and unable to exert so much control over my environment. I have a set of tools for travel weight management from a guest blog post I wrote last year for when I get there though.

Final thing today: My friend Trystan posted this video a couple weeks back and I’ve been meaning to re-post because, even though it’s not weight management related, this is useful information for anyone who occasionally has a camera aimed at them!

See? Who didn’t need to know that?

And the numbers this week…

  • Start weight: 209.5
  • Last week: 209.5
  • This week: 206
  • Difference: -3.5
  • To go: 6 lbs

25 Mile Week

Buoyed by an unexpectedly good run yesterday, I’ve completely blown away my goal of running 20 miles this week.

  • Tues: nothing
  • Wed: 4.5
  • Thurs: 3.5
  • Fri: 4.5
  • Sat: nothing
  • Sun: 8.2
  • Mon: 4.5

Total: 25.2

Pretty good for a week I began on a business trip. Yesterday I netted fewer than 100 calories! I don’t expect to repeat these numbers again soon – and I don’t want to get accustomed to running this much on a regular basis, as it’s definitely an outlier for me and not a level of activity I can maintain. Yesterday’s run was the longest run I have ever completed, in my entire life. Which feels great! But not sustainable.

Goal for the coming week: 18 miles. Much more sustainable.

Tomorrow is weigh in day, I’ll see if any of this has translated into a loss. I’ve been minding my intake much more closely this week so with any luck I’ll see things headed the right direction. I definitely feel better, physically and mentally, when I’m following my program, which is a huge plus for me.

It’s strange – when I’m following my program I feel good and righteous and in control. When I’m not I feel off balance, out of control, and anxious. And yet that doesn’t stop me from running roughshod over the mental signals that tell me what I should be doing. You would think that the benefits would outweigh the drawbacks…someday I hope to be the kind of person for whom they do. Till then, I’ll just keep being the kind of person who embraces the corrective phases when they are necessary.

My own page over on TransformationPics.com!

Here’s a cool thing – the wonderful people over at TransformationPics have featured me on their web site today!

Rhonda (herself an amazing success story!) told me about the premise of her site earlier this week: “My Husband and I have both lost over 100ibs and have kept it off for 2 years now. I know for myself, It was a chore to search around to find inspiring material for motivation. I thought it would be nice to have some all in one place with links to the individuals respective websites.”

I think that’s a great idea, and I’m pleased to be included! Check out my page here! And then maybe spend some time checking out this fantastic labor of love they’ve created over there. Very inspiring!

I told you this was going to be a weight loss blog for a while.

Great start. This morning I was up at 6am running 4.5 miles, but boy did my body complain. Usually I run every other day and give my body a day to rest in between, but I’ve been running 3 days in a row now. I think, depending on how I feel tomorrow morning I will rest tomorrow and do my planned 6.2 mile run on Sunday, just to give my body a break.


  • Total calories in: 1525
  • Calories burned: 540
  • Net calories: 985
  • Fruits/veggies: 7
  • Shakes: 3
  • Entrees: 2
  • No deviations from program. Yay me! Also, no real problems with hunger.

The weekend: Dinner with some friends and a movie tonight. Dinner will be at a sushi place, so I will eat before I go and enjoy edamame, seaweed salad, and tea at the restaurant. Tomorrow night is a little more challenging, as we are going to a formal Ball with a sit-down dinner. I’ll probably eat before we go and just have whatever veggies come on my plate during dinner. Covering my plate with my napkin when I’m done eating usually does the trick to keep me from nibbling until it’s picked up. Getting up to dance or socialize as soon as I’m done will also be a good strategy. Sparkling water or diet soda are my friends, because alcohol is not a good partner for dieting – it’s packed full of useless calories, and it lowers my inhibitions which induces me to stray and care less about what I eat.

So that’s my plan for today and tomorrow. What’s yours?