Weekend, and Being Flexible with Plans

Today’s weigh in was better than I probably deserved – down 3 pounds. Last week was an unfeasibly large spike, so I expected it to be down significantly. Where it leaves me is about 5 pounds above where I need to be. So I’ll continue my ramped-up efforts with running and generally decreasing inactivity, and watching my intake.

Let’s talk about Saturday. Saturday was a terrible eating day for me. I knew it would be before I even got out of bed. So the first thing I did was go on a 13-mile bike ride with my husband. He’s great like that – always up for some exercise. There are rolling hills up near my house where we rode in the wind and cold for about an hour. Good workout – bicycling uses different leg muscles than running does, and it’s good to hit a variety of forms of exercise to keep the body from getting too comfortable and efficient with one. I have a tendency to flatten tires on my bike almost every time I go for a good workout ride, and this time was no exception – back tire picked up a small sharp rock and was flat by the time we got home. No riding to work until that’s fixed.

Anyway, after our bike ride we went to tea for a friend’s birthday. Tea – meaning, a big carb-laden meal of scones and sandwiches and cakes, and some tea. I don’t think carbs are evil, but I certainly make an effort to avoid baked goods on a regular basis because they fall into the food category of “treat” for me – they have almost nothing that my body needs or wants while packing a large caloric load. After the meal there was wandering and shopping until I had a headache. I headed home and my husband came later. We were both exhausted – bad nutrition will do that to you. So for dinner we actually gave in and ordered a pizza. Thin crispy crust, in an attempt to reduce the card/wheat load, but that was epically lazy. Sometimes you just take the hit.

That’s right, I said it – sometimes you just take the hit to the plan and move on. So I did. Sunday was a rest day, and yesterday I got up and went for a run – 3.2 miles. I didn’t expect much good news on the scale this morning, so last night I set the alarm for early to run again. But when I woke up I realized that I wasn’t in good enough running shape to run every day yet. I still need that rest day between runs  (or I just couldn’t see myself following through tomorrow if I got up early today). So I did a quick re-plan and decided to walk to work today.  That’s a solid 60 minutes of walking. My husband is fixing my bike today, and tomorrow I’ll be up for a 6am run then riding my bike to work.


One Response to “Weekend, and Being Flexible with Plans”

  1. brandemae Says:

    Good job! Even though you ate differently than planned, you didn’t use that as an excuse to go completely overboard or let it turn into multiple days of lower quality food. I definitely admire your commitment to exercise and going on a hike first thing when you knew you were feeling weak or tempted. Keep up the good job. I always try to keep in mind that it took a long time to put the weight on and its going to take perseverance to lose it.

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