What I Did Today

I got up at 6am again to go for a run. I plotted a 3.2 mile run, because I’ve always, since I started running, had this thought that I should be able to run a 5k at a drop of the hat, that’s kind of my minimal expectations of my fitness level.

Finding a running route from my new house that will be easily modular and meet my many requirements has been challenging. I like a route that is a loop, not an out and back. I like sidewalks on roads that have some traffic but not too much traffic. A route that has some interesting scenery, can be easily added to by small increments if I find I’m feeling particularly good as I go, and a route that I can run both backwards and forwards just to change things up a bit.

The biggest challenge in my current location is finding a route that I can add distance to by increments. It seems like I can either run 3 miles, or 6. I’d like a middle ground, so more time spent playing with the gmap pedometer tool is definitely in my weekend plans.

Also, on a personal note – I just got a promotion at work! It’s my first promotion ever – in the past to move up I’ve always had to jump to a new company. I’ve been two years in my current position and I’ve been working at a higher level since September, managing people and acting as a vocal advocate for my team and the larger business interests. So my big reward today for long hours of blood sweat and tears is a shiny new title, a modest raise and the knowledge that all the hard work on a very challenging project is being noticed and appreciated. That’s a pretty good start to a holiday weekend!


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