On Hunger

Yesterday was a great on-program day for me. I ran, I stayed within my allotted calories, and didn’t have an extra snack despite some hunger late in the evening.

I don’t normally advocate for hunger-based dieting. I’m a big proponent of filling up on things that won’t break the calorie bank when you’re hungry – foods with a high water content like fruits, vegetables, and water-based soups. Avoiding strong hunger allows me the breathing room to be more conscientious of my choices.  But sometimes…I kinda like feeling hunger. Not often, because usually a strong feeling of hunger for me results quickly in feelings of lethargy, coldness, and a crash in energy levels. But sometimes I let it abide.

Feeling hunger is something I almost never did when I was at my heaviest. I was eating constantly, dysfunctionally,  so allowing hunger to come about naturally now makes me feel alive in a small way. It reminds me that I’m taking charge of my bodily systems, instead of letting them control me as I used to do.

So last night, a few hours after a small dinner and a glass of wine, I noticed the hunger and instead of immediately heading to the kitchen I just let it flourish. I drank some water, I kept my hands busy with a sewing project, and then I went to bed.

Today I have no planned exercise – no run, and I couldn’t ride my bike as I need to take my laptop home tonight and I don’t have the panniers on my bike up and functional yet. I’ll take a lunchtime walk later so I don’t go completely couch-potato (is desk-potato a term?) today.


2 Responses to “On Hunger”

  1. Laura Langford Says:

    I’m hoping to walk the dog and do a quick gym excursion; can’t get to the barn today (sigh). I’m sticking with hot lemon water – I overdid yesterday and no workout either. I’m supposed to go to a birthday dinner at at The Smoking Pig in SJ tonight. I’m apprehensive…

  2. Caron Says:

    I agree. There have been a few occasions when I’ve felt hunger and decided to explore the feelings that go with it. I have never had to go hungry even though there was a period in our early married life when we had little more than potatoes for a few weeks.

    The past few nights I’ve been substituting a cup of hot tea for my last snack. Still, if I’m really hungry, I will find something to eat. 🙂

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