Resuming My Running Habit

Got up again today and went for a run. This morning I saw goslings on the canal with their parents, SO CUTE! I also saw an opossum swimming and getting chased off by one of the adult geese. I didn’t know opossums could swim!

The bug problem seems to be creeping earlier and earlier in the morning, as the sun rises earlier and earlier. There’s really no possibility I’m going to get up any earlier so I’ve started exploring alternate routes leading away from the canal and its attendant bugs – 2.8 miles this morning. I dig not having to worry about where to fit in exercise for the rest of the day because I got it out of the way early.

Rode my bike to work again, I really like it.  It’s not much of a workout getting here, as there’s a noticeable slope from my home to my office. Getting home is slightly more work, especially when there’s a strong headwind, like yesterday. Still, it’s only a mile and a half so it’s not much of an exertion, but I like not being stuck in a car.

Eating is on track for this week as well. Last night we met some friends for dinner and had Vietnamese pho – water based soup, one of my favorite low-cal restaurant meals.


2 Responses to “Resuming My Running Habit”

  1. Andie Says:

    You motivated me – I realized that I’ve been so busy cross-training that I haven’t been running in almost a month. I ran for 40 minutes yesterday. I’m not sure how far it was, but I know it was slow and closer to 2 miles than 3, but it counts!

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