Strong Start Monday

I got up this morning at 6am to go for a run. That’s the third time now, I’m trying to re-form the habit.  I’ve also learned that 6am is a much better time to go than 7am, on the route I’m doing right now. It runs along a canal, which is great for duckling sightings, however if I get up at 7 to run there are clouds of little flying bugs hovering in swarms at just about head height, whereas at 6am, they are, apparently, still asleep. I found that out on Friday, so it was back to 6am for today.

Extra bonus, when I get up at 6am I have so much time in the morning! In fact, this morning after my run and my stretches and shower and coffee and breakfast, it was still only 8:15, so I rode my bike to work for the first time. 12 minutes, door to door – and only because there are two lengthy traffic lights to wait through. It’s only a mile and a half of flat riding, so I won’t count that as exercise, but it sure is pleasant and doesn’t take any more time than driving.

So, I got my exercise done and a pleasant bike ride and it’s not even 9am. Setting myself up for success – good way to start the week!


11 Responses to “Strong Start Monday”

  1. attemptingconfidence Says:

    You look so good….Congratulations! Keep up the hard work. It’s inspiring.

  2. Caron Says:

    I love how fearless you are and go running when you have back problems. I walked this morning for 30 minutes and am now hoping I didn’t stir anything up. I’m planning for a good week too. 🙂

    • Laina Says:

      OH, thank you. My back actually feels better when I run than when I don’t. If I go for a couple of days without running it’s hurting more often than if I run regularly. And the Spine Clinic doc encourages me to run, so it must not be bad for me!
      Good on you for getting out there today – I’ve got my fingers crossed that you’ll feel better for having done it!

  3. Laura Langford Says:

    Did sit-ups and some stretching, then rode the horse… Exhausted. Nothing like a two-week illness to take the starch out of you. But I did what I did, and it’s a start!

  4. beanolc Says:

    Tonight we got home from work early so I hit the Wii. 20 minutes of yoga to loosen myself up. My plan tomorrow is 20 minutes of yoga + aerobic boxing. Wednesday my plan is to stretch well and then do my 10-minute aerobic ass kicking routine. Last time I used it I pulled a muscle in each leg–hence the warm-up and ease back in.

    Bottom line: yay, exercise!

  5. beanolc Says:

    I did! Last night I worked out and it felt good. I’m sort of playing hookey today and will get in a work out very soon. 🙂

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