Pre-Work Running and Fighting Inertia

Public accountability totally works on me.

I got up this morning at 6am and went for a run. Reasons I should do it again:

  • Burned 500 calories by 7am
  • Freed up my evening to do other things
  • Slightly more optimistic outlook all day
  • Morning running is much nicer all around – it’s cool and quiet still

I felt really good about getting up and doing it like I said I would. My run was pleasant, and I even spotted a little squad of ducklings on the canal swimming along behind Mom.

I should totally do this again on Friday. Except…I felt like quite the fascist dictator waking up the whole household so I could go out for a run. Back when I was running 3-4 times a week, getting up early and out of the house was a welcome relief from my awkward, unpleasant marriage. Now I have a husband who is so supportive that he rides along with me on his bike to keep me company and keep me safe. Struggling up from under the gravity of his snuggles early in the morning is almost beyond my capabilities and mostly I’ve given up on mornings, especially since I’m the one who has to bear the full weight of motivation – it’s not important to him. We may have to have some more talks about the priority of exercise in my life, and perhaps he can cut me some slack with the puppy-eyes a few mornings a week.

It almost feels ungrateful to complain that my marriage is TOO happy. This must be why people settle into comfortable companionship and pile on the pounds. Fighting that inertia is hard.


3 Responses to “Pre-Work Running and Fighting Inertia”

  1. thunder2toned Says:

    Well done. I just can’t do morning exercise.

  2. Laura Langford Says:

    I had a reply written, and then I splashed tea on my keyboard and had to do a panicked cleanup which wiped out my comments. Overslept, but that was probably due to overeating last night plus taking my gabapentin (sleep and anxiety aid) too late in the evening. Love the stuff, but I wake up groggy and not quite ready to take on the world. Hoping to get in a walk and those weights I mentioned yesterday some time today. *sigh*

  3. Trystan Says:

    Even worse is cozy hubby + 2 snuggly cats! But go you 🙂

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