The Older I Get, the Crappier I Feel

Yes, I know, this is nothing new to most people over 30. It just seems like it’s been one stupid body issue after another keeping me from running as much as I’d like for the last several years. Lately I’ve had an extra level of difficulty as I’ve recently added Benign Positional Vertigo to the list of stupid things my body does.

I know, getting old sucks but it beats the alternative. I just don’t have to like it. I used to be able to get up every other morning (or more!) and go for a run. I was running 4-5 times a week! Now…if I get a good run twice a week I’m doing great. Take this week, for example…

Saturday I had a great run, including a very rare runner’s high! But…I came home from that run extremely dehydrated, and spent the rest of the day rehydrating and feeling nauseous and light-headed. Sunday it was even worse. I intended to go for a bike ride Sunday morning and I got all geared up and realized that riding my bike when I was too dizzy to walk a straight line was dumb.

Monday I felt crappy all day long so running was right out. This afternoon I developed a migraine while on a conference call with some very difficult colleagues. Tomorrow I have plans to have drinks and dinner with my co-worker who is up here for LA for our on-going all-day sessions (more catering and snacks staring at the back of my head all day), so no run after work for me then.

So…I’m up to 3 days now without exercise. This can’t go on. I am thus publicly resolving to get up at 6am tomorrow and go for a run before work. There. Now it’s happening.


8 Responses to “The Older I Get, the Crappier I Feel”

  1. Laura Langford Says:

    Oh GAWD. This is my life… I haven’t had a GOOD workout since January, and my body is just sad and squishy. I’m not entirely out of shape due to the horseback riding, but it’s not complete exercise any more than fighter practice! I need to cross-train to ride effectively, and it hasn’t been happening. I’ve been sick for the last two weeks (not to mention two weeks ago the horse and I slipped and fell on pavement together, and my right ankle/big toe still aren’t quite right), and only yesterday I started on antibiotics and Flonase to combat my sinus infection. Add to that MAJOR annoyances at work, and I am once again having issues re-starting a much-needed exercise routine. Every time I start, legitimate crap gets in the way, and I despair of EVER having energy again. At least dinner tonight was healthy (stir fried veggies w/tofu). I hope I get up early tomorrow and exercise FIRST. Then start tackling all the BS at work. Rather than going straight to the work BS and slowly dissolving into some slimy goo in a desk chair…

    • Laina Says:

      Seriously. Sometimes I just hafta knuckle down and workout even when it feels crappy. Let’s make a mutually assured destructio…er…mutual exercise pact for getting up tomorrow early and just DOING IT!

      • Laura Langford Says:

        Took the dog for a brisk 30-minute walk, then got into boss-initiated drama (he says I started it, but he did because he has no social skills). I’m planning to go to the barn and ride and also re-introduce myself to the gym (‘hello, gym…’) with about 20 minutes of stretching and weights. It’s more about just GOING than killing myself today…

  2. Caron Says:

    I’ve never been as serious about exercise as I should be but I’ve been trying to do more. For the past two days I’ve been battling a stiff, achy back and am hoping tomorrow will bring some relief. At least once a week my husband will say “It’s hell to get old.” Sigh. I’m not giving up yet. 🙂

  3. Andie Says:

    I just got up & am a little fuzzy, and not sure what time zone you’re in relative to me, but hope you are either out running, about to get up and run, or just back from a run. I’m guessing that you are/will/did. Good work! It can take several days to bounce back from dehydration, so don’t beat yourself up for the past couple of days. Think about all of the successful ones you’ve had.

  4. Donna Says:

    When you’re having the dizziness problem, would swimming work? Isn’t there a pool convenient to you? You can fall over running or biking, but not so much in the water 🙂 Just a hopefully helpful suggestion.
    I get at least some exercise in most days with my bike ride to work. My problem is getting in more exercise than just the biking.

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