Bikini Season?

I know, this blog is about weight loss and maintenance. Know what else I really, really, really also believe? That no matter WHAT you currently have going on body-wise, use it and enjoy it and get out there and have fun.

Jezebel sums this up nicely for me. Here’s your Friday inspiration:

Another Take on Bikini Season: Just Rock What You Got

Love it, live in it, it’s just a body, it’s not who you are. Don’t let advertisers or magazines or other people who are trying to sell you something tell you how you should feel about your body. Let it all hang out if you want to. It’s yours and nobody else gets to dictate how you feel about you.


3 Responses to “Bikini Season?”

  1. Trystan Says:

    A friend had a great POV on ‘how to get ready for bikini season’ — get a bikini, put it on, go. End of story. Wear a damn swimsuit & get in the water! Enjoy.

    Related: I humbly submit my article on ‘size is just a number, swimsuit edition’ —

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