Office workers, get moving!

I’m all about posting links this week because I’m in meetings all day every day. Here’s an article that Trystan, my fashionable friend over at CorpGoth sent me today:

Stand Up, Walk Around, Even Just for ’20 Minutes’

Really interesting science is going on right now around just how bad sitting all day can be for the body. As somebody who sits at a desk all day long, I find that taking a few moments to get off my butt and on my feet is invaluable. One of my coworkers actually has her calendar programmed to pop up a message every half our that says, simply, “STRETCH!”

And check out the bit about hydration tucked there at the end. I’ve said for years, you don’t need to drink to an arbitrary number of ounces or glasses per day, just drink when you’re thirsty. Science agrees.  “Drink what you want, and you will almost certainly be fine.”


2 Responses to “Office workers, get moving!”

  1. Trystan Says:

    I’m admittedly bad about this, but I’m trying! I have to force myself to get up & walk around the office each hour bec. I zone out in front of the computer (even when I’m not on deadline). But this article was helpful to know that even those few minutes are helpful.

  2. Shonnie Says:

    Thats good news because if I drink too much water I start trying to barf it up! 😀

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