Business Travel Weight Management Tools

A while back I did a series of guest posts over at Travels With Pain  all about weight management skills I use while traveling, you can find them here:

Part 1, Vacationing

Part 2, Business Travel

Today I am traveling for business again. I find that I need to have some good weight management days after an indulgent weekend, but I had to get up early this morning to catch a flight. So I’m practicing my travel weight management skills, which requires an extra level of vigilance. Here’s how I’m handling today:

  • Before I left for the airport I had a filling breakfast of oatmeal with a sprinkle of brown sugar (my favorite).
  • At the airport I made sure to always use the stairs.
  • On the plane I asked for ice water when the stewardess came around, and declined the peanuts.

I knew I had to go straight from the rental car lot to my meetings without any time for lunch, so I decided my best option was to grab something at the airport and eat it before heading down to claim my suitcase. I’m extremely familiar with the Southwest terminal at LAX – I’d estimate I’ve through there around 50 times a year for the last few years. I know they have the typical fast food dangers – McDonalds, fast Mexican food, a frozen yogurt place, a pub-style restaurant. None of those were going to be supportive, but I also knew there is a deli, so I grabbed a Greek salad, a bottle of water (for my afternoon meeting) and a banana (for a midday snack).

If you travel enough you begin to realize that the pre-made salads available in US airports are exactly the same at every airport. It’s terribly boring, but it’s also familiar and predictable, so I already know that the Greek salad has around 470 calories, including the dressing. I threw out the dressing because it is almost all oil, which dropped my salad down to around 300 calories – lettuce, cucumbers, onions, feta cheese and olives. Almost all the calories are in the cheese and olives.  This is a totally reasonable tally for my lunch.

Plan for the rest of the day:

Tonight I plan to hit the hotel gym (the fitness room at Embassy Suites is possibly the most boring, depressing gym in hotel history but I’ll cope) for 30 minutes of HIIT on the elliptical machine, maybe some strength training, and then I’ll get a soup and salad for dinner at Mimi’s – there’s one that shares the parking lot with my hotel when I’m here.

Overall, it looks like it’s going to be a great weight management day,  even though I’m traveling! Feels pretty good.


9 Responses to “Business Travel Weight Management Tools”

  1. Shonnie Says:

    great plan, but how do you deal with so little protien? I would be beyond starving off the selections that you made. I would like the choices that you made with a bit of roasted or grilled chicken. Do you get hungry from that?

    • Laina Says:

      I don’t know, I just wasn’t hungry all day. When it came to dinner I ended up choosing the petit filet (370 cal), so maybe my body was telling me I needed a bit of protein at that point. I don’t track micronutrients, generally, I tend to go by what my body tells me it needs. I had a protein-rich weekend, so probably I was coasting a bit from that. 🙂

      • Shonnie Says:

        ahhhh … that makes perfect sence. I rarely can get by without eating protien. I love a good salad though. I have taken to adding fresh herbs (right now they are from my container garden) chopped in with everything and …. MAN … I barely need a dressing, because WOW! Thanks for answering. 😀

  2. Andie Says:

    I was amazed (that I’d never thought about it before) and proud (because before, even if I’d thought about it, I wouldn’t have done it) when I realized that instead of lounging at the gate waiting for a flight, I could at least walk up and down through the terminal. If you have to pull a bag, it’s like a cardio + strength training workout. I’m doing a big trip this summer and was worried about exercise, but I think I’ve learned how to fit it in even on the road, which has given me some confidence.

    Eating is SUCH a pain on the road. I take a few tuna packets in foil to add to airport salads. Almost always, they get through security. Cans packed in water or oil almost never do, but the foil packets seem to pass.

    • Shonnie Says:

      Andie … I have discovered this cool new thing … called BodyRockTV. They show you stuff you can do in about 30 min with your body. Go check them out. 😀

      • Andie Says:

        Cool. I actually got out of bed early this morning to do some workout planning, so will check it out now.

      • Shonnie Says:

        They are tough … don’t be discouraged though … you are kicking the weight … so you can kick this too.

    • Laina Says:

      That’s brilliant! Where do you get the tuna packets?

      • Andie Says:

        At the grocery store, usually right with the canned tuna. They also have some that are kits – they come with crackers, mayo, and relish, but those have been confiscated before. I just get the plain foil packets of tuna, which I’m generally fine eating on their own. I’ve always been able to find, however, packets of relish & mayo, and sometimes even crackers or bread, once inside security.

        I always feel badly about the smell of tuna (when I wait to eat in the air), so I pack a couple of extra ziplocks & some paper towels so I can seal the trash.

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