Thursday Run

Just got back from an after-work run. Didn’t feel like going, and it wasn’t amazing, but sometimes that’s just life. Like brushing my teeth or doing my taxes – I’ll feel a whole lot worse if I don’t do it.

I ran a route near my house that’s a little over 3 miles. It takes me about 45 minutes because I’m the Tortoise (slow and steady…). It runs next to a creek where a lot of different water birds tend to congregate, which I really like. Dinner tonight is a petite steak and asparagus, maybe a glass of wine. Good day all around.

Hazard of exercising: my cat is busily trying to lick the salt off my skin while I type, so it’s time to hit the showers. Tomorrow I’m off at noon for a fun weekend away, so y’all have a good few days!


3 Responses to “Thursday Run”

  1. allthingsboys Says:

    way to go–you really do have to just make yourself do it even though it’s torture sometimes! Have a great weekend!

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