Wednesday Weight Loss Links

Here’s an article that I liked: Diet Crutches: What Works, What Doesn’t  What I like is that they actually got most of these right. So much of the weight loss information floating around on the web is just plain wrong (or pointless), so I wasn’t expecting much but this one mostly hits the nail on the head (and the ones they’re only partially right on don’t really do any damage).

I contrast that with this, which is absolute, pointless fluff I came across recently: 4 Ways to Fool Yourself into Lasting Weight Loss  Serious waste of time. None of the four things here even approach getting at the reality of lasting weight loss. If you follow all of these you will soon conclude that losing weight is impossible.

And here’s a ranking of commercial diet plans by the (possibly credible but not listed) “panel of experts” that US News and World Report consulted: Best Weight-Loss Diets Please note for the record that this is a listing of commercially-available diets. They don’t even touch medically-monitored diets which are highly recommended (and highly successful) for people with larger amounts of weight to lose.

And here’s an article about avoiding the wrong way to lose weight:  Use tools safely to keep body parts attached. (ok, I’ll admit I only included that one because I thought the headline was funny)


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