Monday: Back to Routine

There are times when Monday comes as a welcome relief. This weekend was an extremely challenging weekend for me on the weight management front. It was packed with parties and food-focused events. When you try to fit as much socializing and fun time into a weekend as you can, sometimes the structure and routine of a Monday is appealing.

Today I know I have only the food I need for the day with me, and no temptations. I have a block of time selected for exercise, and I have my environment clear of distractions. After a weekend of difficult food environments, I’m pleased to turn over a new leaf and work at making this week better than the last. I know I can do it because I’ve done it before and I have a template to work from.

Building strong weight management skills is a lot like breaking in a pair of shoes – the more I wear it the easier it becomes and the better it feels. Today, getting back into my regular work week is like slipping on a pair of comfortable, well-worn shoes. Comfy and familiar. How comfortable is your daily weight management plan? Do you need to wear it around a lot more to feel comfortable in it, or is it a familiar friend you look forward to spending time with?


3 Responses to “Monday: Back to Routine”

  1. Laurie C Says:

    I think I’m gradually improving, but I need to add new lunch items and get rid of the sandwiches. This blog is always an inspiration!

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    I LOVE sandwiches! So tasty, yet so many unnecessary calories in the bread 😦 I’ve been doing a can of soup (100 cals or less per serving, eating the whole can for lunch) and adding a side of veggies. It sometimes works, other times it backfires, like when I don’t have access to a microwave…
    Good luck tossing out the sandwiches, Laurie!

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