My Walking Hat

For some reason I haven’t walked to work in a while. Probably because it was cold, then it was raining, then I was running late, then…blah blah blah. Lots of excuses. Anyway, yesterday I had my husband drop me at work after a doctor’s appointment and I walked home and remembered how much I like walking to work. So I pulled out my walking hat, which had been sitting on a shelf in my closet for far too long, and got back to walking. Perfect weather these days for it.

My pink walking hat

I didn’t realize, when I starting walking to lose weight and keep it off, how much that would drive my clothing choices. Obviously walking a lot has an impact on my shoe options each day, but also I hate the stabbing sun in my eyes, so I tend to wear a hat when I walk any distance. Good for shading the eyes and keeping the head warm.

When I first started walking I would get cheap floppy hats at Target that had labels inside that read, “Do not get wet, this hat is made of paper.” Or some such. I liked them because I could crush them and put them in my purse when I got to my destination. But they weren’t very attractive. Lately I’ve been choosing more stylish hats made of nicer materials. I have a couple of hats made of wool felt now that I cycle through. Today’s hat is hot pink.

Other things I think about when I’m walking to work involve trying not to be too warm, nor too cold. If I’m too warm I sweat easily and end up arriving to work glistening. But if I’m too cold my extremities freeze and that’s not nice either. Today it’s warming up so I had the former problem, rather than the latter.  It’s a tricky balance to strike, but worth the effort. I feel so resourceful when I can get places I need to go under my own power.


2 Responses to “My Walking Hat”

  1. Caron Says:

    Love the hat! My walking hat is one of those floppy ones from Target that I got as a Mother’s Day gift and I love the wide brim. I just got back from 50 minute walk and it was hot already — around 80 degrees. We are supposed to be close to 100 this weekend. Ugh.

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