Nose Tube Diet

That almost sounds like a song title. Alas, it’s not. It’s the basic subject of a recent story that’s been making the rounds lately and inspiring a lot of other stories:  The K-E Diet: Brides-to-Be Using Feeding Tubes to Rapidly Shed Pounds

My initial reaction was disgust. Who would go to such extremes? Who would pay so much money to look like a freak? Who would walk around looking like somebody who is morbidly ill for several weeks just to lose a few pounds? Also – why not just buy a dress that fits you now, instead of insisting on getting to a lower size?

Here I am, blogging away about weight management and how any program you’ll stick to is the best one but this may just be…a bridge too far.

But when I take a few minutes to look at it logically, I really don’t have a leg to stand on here, do I? The basic premise of the Nose Tube Diet is that it gives you 800 calories per day and you don’t have to make any decisions on what to eat. You’re guaranteed to lose weight. The part that’s off-putting is the nose-tube. That makes it more like a medical procedure, which puts a lot of people off.

But I did the HMR decision-free diet to lose my last 100 pounds, wherein you are restricted to shakes, entrees, and bars for however long it takes to get to your goal weight. The minimum caloric intake each day for me was 500 but I usually came in around 800 while I was on the program. The Nose Tube Diet just changes the delivery mechanism -instead of making the shakes and drinking them, the calories are delivered directly to the stomach via an icky nose tube.

Let’s compare:

  • program administered under a doctor’s supervision.
  • side effects are bad breath and constipation.
  • have to carry your food everywhere with you.

Check, check, and check. The only difference is delivery mechanism. So while I am extremely sad that our society has given women the message that the only thing that is important about them is their weight, and that looking perfect is more important than their happiness or intellect, I can’t logically criticize this particular program. Other than it’s gross.


6 Responses to “Nose Tube Diet”

  1. Amy Says:

    Yes. Gross. Have you ever had to have a nasal tube? It feels just like you think it’s going to feel. Except worse. And it gave me a sinus infection. Gross is right!

  2. Jen Says:

    The feminist in me is aghast. During the women’s suffrage movement, imprisoned suffragettes would go in hunger strikes. The prisons would have doctors *force* nasal feeding tubes on the women, with… typically 19th century compassion and results.

  3. bluexy Says:

    As long as the frat boys don’t think it to be an evolution of the beer funnel. Oh oh I have YouTube premonitions of this. Lol.

  4. Princess Dieter Says:

    For me, what is repulsive is the REASON. It’s not to be at a healtlhful weight FAST (the only reason to do vlc is to lose fast). It’s to look good in a dress at an event that is over in one day. And guess what, these gals will be pigging out on their honeymoons and after and gain weight. Maybe more than original loss, cause VLC has been shown to have metabolic effects on hunger hormones.

    Doing a drastic diet to look good in a wedding dress is, imo, kinda dumb and silly. Especially if it’s not about beginning a new phase of life at a healthier weight in order to espouse good habits as a wife, later mother, and pass those on to kids, etc. A longer term, wiser view.

    So, hey, it’s their time, money and noses. I still think it’s idiotic vanity at work.

  5. Laura Langford Says:

    This seems to be a ‘bridezilla’ thing even more than a diet thing. It’s all about looking good in your wedding pictures, even if they last longer than the wedding. Frankly, I was more interested in getting the wedding thing over with so Greg and I could get on with stuff. Sure, it was a great party, but I chose a dress that would allow me to drink max champagne and pig out on catered food. It was cute, too. No regrets!

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