The Daily Walk

I just got back from my daily lunchtime walk. I call it a daily walk because my goal is to do it every single day. It’s a 20-30 minute loop around the block that clears my mind and recharges my energy.

I don’t manage to go every day – some days it rains – but I aim for it. Not just because it counts as exercise in my world, but I also think it’s a good way to give my mind a break and get some fresh air and Vitamin D, if the sun is out. Sometimes I figure out thorny work problems while I’m out walking, so it’s good for my employer too.  And increasingly researchers are finding that sitting all day is bad for the body.  So 25 minutes during lunch is a perfect time to counteract the effects of sitting.

Another thing I’ve recently started doing is standing during meetings. My company does a lot of meetings via conference call and webex because we have a lot of people distributed in different physical locations and meeting in person just isn’t feasible. This is great for me because I can shut my door, put the phone on speaker and stand. Often I pace about my little office like a caged tiger. Hey, anything beats just sitting like a lump


3 Responses to “The Daily Walk”

  1. Yoko Says:

    Some days I get to walk with the company dog, Dewy. She slows me down but she’s so cute that I get a charge out of taking her out for a walk. Most days it’s 30 minutes to and from the water at Jack London. I love getting out every day if I can. I too, read all the articles about the importance of getting up from your chair. Sitting all day is associated with earlier death… so you are doing yourself quite a favor with your walks.

    • Laina Says:

      As you are with yours. I wish I had a company dog to walk, that’s so cool!

      • Donna Says:

        There is a senior dog rescue place in my neighborhood. I’ve signed up to help with dog walking. It will get me out and about and get me my puppy fix 🙂

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