Body Changes

I was the lucky recipient, earlier this week, of a pair of Danskos shoes from a friend who has recently lost a lot of weight.

When I was at my highest weight, I wore a size 11 shoe. I sort of knew it was because of my weight because prior to reaching those lofty heights, I’d always worn a size 10 (although I spent a lot of time in denial, convincing myself that it was just that some shoe manufacturers made smaller shoes – denial, it’s an amazing mechanism!). When I dropped down to my current weight, my shoe size also went back down to a size 10.

Shoe size is the thing that people are always amazed about, but also – EVERYBODY who loses weight gets amazed about it when they lose a shoe size.

But, if you think about it, it’s not totally surprising. When I dropped down to my current size I had to take all of my rings to a jeweler to have them sized down as well. Nobody is amazed when their ring size changes, so why is it so amazing when your shoe size changes?

I don’t know, I was amazed too, just like everyone else. So, I’m here to say: It is something you can reasonably expect when you lose large amounts of weight. Shoe shopping – just another side benefit!


2 Responses to “Body Changes”

  1. Julie V. (@roseline55) Says:

    Light-bulb! I was sitting in the store about a month ago thinking, “why is it that I used to be a size 8.5/9 and now I’m firmly an 8.5?” Duh.

  2. snapshotstacy Says:

    I _hate_ half sizes… but, my 11’s are getting sloppy on my feet. I don’t think the length will have changed a and entire size, though.

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