Wii are not amused. Well, maybe a little.

It was really cold in my office all day today. So, when it came time for my run this evening I looked outside and thought, “Boy it looks cold out there. I just can’t.” All I wanted to do was go home, so on my way home I thought really hard about what exercise I could do at home. Then I pulled out the Wii, put batteries in all the controllers (it had been a while) and figured out how to get it to display on my TV (since before we moved here, apparently).

I put in the Wii Fit Plus disc and started my workout. I don’t use the Wii workouts very often because I don’t generally feel like I get a vigorous enough workout with their programs, but in a pinch it’s totally better than letting a day go by without any exercise at all. Anyway, I skipped past all the body test stuff and went straight to the exercising. I got some sweat going after a few minutes and did about 35 minutes tonight. Then, after I was done, out of curiosity, since it had been a while, I wandered over in to the stats section. The Wii remembers you, which is why I wasn’t eager but I was morbidly curious to see what had happened since the last time I’d used it and how long it had been.

Hello, it said. Wii see it’s been 465 days since you’ve come around. (Oh! I thought, it has been a while! That’s like a year and…more. Guess I use it even less than I thought.)

Wii see you’ve missed your goal that you set last time. Would you like set another? (That’s quite a snide comment. No idea what I set for a goal, feeling pretty good about me right now, so no thank you. Ignore.)

Wii further see that you’ve gained 1.1 pounds since last time. You should think about losing a few. A healthy weight is important for blah blah blah….. (1.1 pounds? In a year and a half? AND I’m right in the middle of my cycle – that part of my cycle where I’m typically up 3-5 pounds? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

I’m tickled to find that I’m maintaining really, really well over the long term! Thanks, Wii! Your cynical attempts at manipulation totally failed, in fact you made my day! I think I’ll keep on doing exactly what I’m doing, silly robot.


5 Responses to “Wii are not amused. Well, maybe a little.”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    You go, girl!!! And congrats on doing SOMETHING.

  2. Caron Says:

    I didn’t know the Wii talked to you. You’re doing great without it for sure! 🙂

  3. snapshotstacy Says:

    I _seriously_ despise the WiiFit’s attitude… And, really? That grunt when I step on the board? Yeah- really makes me want to use it regularly. *sigh*

    Of course… this last time I pulled it out… it had been right around 400ish days since it had “seen me last”… and I apparently “missed” my goal – from the other side! I think the last goal I had put in was 10 or 15 pounds? And, I was almost 60 pounds lower! *shaking head* Didn’t stop it from being snide… Did I mention I hate it’s attitude? 😀

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