Every day living

The people I know who are managing their weight are working on it every day. I know it’s probably obvious, but lately I’ve been observing the people around me – at work, at play, at home.

I have a co-worker on my team who goes out for a walk 3-5 days a week at lunchtime. I’m not sure how far or long she walks, but if her route is similar to mine, it’s at least 30 minutes. But, I also know that she gets in early and works out in the gym 3 mornings a week as well. I like that she’s not just hitting the gym and calling it good. She takes those walk breaks, and they’re not only for weight management – sometimes you just need some fresh air, sun on your skin, a mental break. But they’re also for weight management. Walking is such a good, stimulating way to spend a little bit of time every day. Often I find that walking helps me solve thorny problems in my job, too. Getting up and moving helps to work the brain, too!

I have a friend who posts healthy recipes that she finds on her blog every few days. I like that she’s not just posting them when she’s dieting or trying to lose weight – she’s always planning healthy meals, every day.

And finally, I know a guy who participate in a full-contact martial art on a regular basis. You might consider that sort of activity as a pretty good workout. But, he doesn’t fight once a week and consider it his workout, he hits the gym regularly so that when he goes out to fight, he can be better at it, more energetic, less winded – as he says, he trains to fight, he doesn’t fight to train.

The people around me that are managing their weight, they don’t just do it when they get on a scale and don’t like the result. They’re not doing it in fits and starts whenever it’s convenient or they’re unhappy with their weight, they’re finding ways to work it into their daily life because it’s not a phase or a momentary disruption their life, it’s just how they live. I mean, I have to eat dinner anyway, why not have the healthy meal? My body will thank me by feeling better and being more energetic.

In other news…I’ve been invited by a friend to run in a 10-mile race in September at Disney World in Florida. I have to admit I’m highly intimidated by the prospect, because I’ve never run so far in my life – my longest race ever was a 10K (6.2 miles). I’m mulling whether I’m able to make the commitment. There are a lot of factors to consider, outside of the running itself – getting there, dates, cost, etc. I think I should make the commitment to be ABLE to do it physically, regardless of whether I am able, in the end, to get there and enter. But I need a training plan that I can work into my schedule. Does anybody have any links they can share with me for reaching such a goal?


2 Responses to “Every day living”

  1. Jane at keepingthepoundsoff.com Says:

    The tiny bit I know: At WDW if you are not at a certain point by a certain time they load you on to a bus – no choice on your part. I think that when you consider how much $$ they charge for their races, the short completion time is not right.

    I am sharing on what has been told to me. I have never done one of their races myself.

  2. Katrina Says:

    Laina, don’t let the time bother you too much. I have walked a half marathon there and finished. I personally find the Galloway training plans pretty good. I like the run/walk method as it mimizes injury, has me finish upright, and I’m faster that way. I’d be happy to discuss details more.

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