A very good day

Yesterday was a very good day for weight management. Here’s how my day went:


  • Hot cereal: 200
  • Protein bar: 200
  • Grapefruit: 100
  • Lunch frozen entrée: 250
  • Apple: 75
  • Pear: 75
  • Cherry tomatoes: 100
  • Banana: 150
  • Latte: 100
  • Chicken thigh with pan sauce made by my husband: 300
  • Roasted fennel: 100
  • 4 girl scout cookies: 200 (what? who can resist? it’s for a good cause!)

Total in: 1850

Physical activity:

  • Running for 40 minutes: 480 (approx 12 cal/minute, pushing moderately hard)
  • Dancing to my favorite band live for 2 hours: 840 (conservatively estimating 7 cal/minute)

Total out: 1320 (!!)

In general I overestimate the calories in my food and underestimate the calories I burn through exercise, just to be safe.

Total net for the day: 530

Excellent! I haven’t had a day that good in a while. Of course, I couldn’t net this kind of figure on a regular basis anyway, but an occasional spike feels great.

I also noted with amusement that the dieting simulator I linked to a while back, which I finally got an opportunity to play with myself, seems to think that I should be able to eat 3000 calories a day and still lose weight.

When I finished laughing and pulled myself back up off the floor I thought I ought to maybe point out that it’s clearly still in development. I accept that I got the short end of the metabolic stick but that is wildly out of line. I get ~1600 calories a day, net, to play with (and I assure you I don’t do 1400 calories worth of exercise a day!). I can’t imagine that a “normal” person would really be able to eat almost double that to maintain, that’s just…OFF.


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