New Trail

I found a new running trail this morning. I was waiting at the light, all set to go turn left onto my usual route on the Iron Horse Trail when I saw a woman come running toward me from straight ahead over a gentle rise in the road. I thought, “She seems to be enjoying her run, I wonder what is up that way?” It turns out there is a paved, separate bike path alongside the main road, and it’s all asphalt (not concrete – much easier on the body!). Civilization quickly drops away and you’re running in gently rolling hills surrounded by birds and nature, with a view of mountains ahead.

It appears to be a pretty long road – for me today it was an out-and-back because I don’t have the endurance to find out if it loops back anywhere, but I ran all the way to the San Ramon city limits before I turned back and when I mapped it I think I ran almost 4 miles. The out part was mostly uphill which made coming home the fun easy, part. Even better – it’s nominally a bike path, so I have options – I can pull out my bike and explore further later on.

Right – exercise out of the way, on with my day!


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