Friday links on taking care of the body and mind

Researchers identify useless diet foods – This pretty much covers the basics of things I try not to eat. This article is from New Zealand, where I believe that “biscuits” refers to what we in the States call cookies. I’m pleased that it points out that both fruit juice and granola are not so healthy. All sugar for not nearly enough nutritional value to justify the caloric load. Obviously some of these foods are fine in moderation, but they should be considered more as a garnish or treat than as a dietary staple. Also, I love that this list is abbreviated as NEEDNT.

And now for some stuff we should all eat more of… Eating citrus lowers women’s stroke risk – Oranges, clementines, Mandarins, grapefruit – all in season in the Northern Hemisphere right now! Note the bit at the end urging us to consume the whole fruit rather than drinking juice. I heartily agree.

How to fake a good night’s sleep – For my friends who like to burn the candle at both ends. You know who you are.

And this one’s just for fun: Inhalable caffeine reviewed by FDA – WHY?  I love my coffee just as it is, thank you very much!

Last night I managed to sneak in a quick run after work. I’m continuing my aim to get about an hour of physical activity every day. Today I can probably get a lot of walking in but no high-intensity exercise. Tomorrow, though, I’ve got a nice run planned, or a swim. Either will suit me just fine!


2 Responses to “Friday links on taking care of the body and mind”

  1. Amy Says:

    I thought that the research conclusions were mixed on milk?

  2. Princess Dieter Says:

    Yep. I gave up drinking juice about the time I got serious about weight loss. 1. didn’t want the sugar high and 2. need the fiber in the actual fruit TO FILL UP and cut the hunger. I then went on to cut refined sugar (99% o the time). Then I cut down on other things or removed things that triggered obsessive food thoughts that might lead to binges.

    Some things aren’t helpful….

    I agree re: coffee. It’s perfect in a cup, liquid and hot or iced. Why mess with perfection? 😀

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