A good day of weight management

I’m in the groove right now. I’ve been enjoying the rhythm of the all-day meetings at the hotel this week. While on the one hand they’re challenging because I have no control over the food options, on the other the schedule helps me impose some structure. When I’m working in my office, I can eat whenever I want all day long, and I think I tend to mindlessly graze. When I’m bored – eat. When I’m stressed – eat. Now, what I bring with me to eat is unvaryingly supportive, but the fact is that you CAN eat too much fruit – eat enough of it and you can go over your maintenance calories, or at least I can eat enough to maintain at a few pounds above where I want.

With these meetings, the day is structured – we start at 8am and there’s one break around 10am, then lunch at noon and another break around 3pm. I challenge myself to conform my eating to the breaks, and then I further challenge myself to eat small portions. For the first break I eat a small plate of fruit, usually mostly pineapple (yum!). For lunch today I filled my plate with a little salad, a big pile of steamed broccoli, and a piece of salmon (this hotel really knows how to get it right – when I cook salmon it’s always too dry or overcooked but they seem to have it down) and some fruit. Ignored the rolls, mashed potatoes and brownies like they didn’t even exist. And no going back for seconds! It’s not automatic, you know, to be mindful – I had to fight urges to go for seconds a couple of times as people around me went back to the buffet. But, my stomach doesn’t need to feel distended for me to be satisfied. For the afternoon break today the hotel offering was candy bars, cookies or brownies. So I ate the banana I’d packed. Two out of three times I was able to find something among the catered offerings – that’s pretty good!

My co-workers in from out of town invited me along to dinner with them tonight in the City, but right now I’m in a focused mindset. I’d made plans in my head to go to the pool tonight, so I smiled and said, “I can’t, I have plans already.” I don’t need to make a plan with anybody else for it to be important – I value me enough that an agreement with myself is something worth keeping.

I swam 76 laps tonight – about 45 minutes.


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