Treats That Aren’t Candy

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a list of ways to give someone a treat that isn’t candy!

Where my sweetie took me last year for Valentine's Day!

  • Flowers
  • A massage
  • Do something for someone they can’t do themselves (change their oil, clean their house, wash their car)
  • A small gift, like a scarf or vase
  • A weekend getaway to somewhere special
  • Music – CDs or MP3s
  • Take them for a walk or hike somewhere scenic
  • Make someone a healthy, supportive dinner
  • Write a letter clearly saying how you feel about them and what you love about them
  • Take them to a movie or theater performance

What else? What other ways do you show someone you love that you care, and doesn’t involve giving them candy?


One Response to “Treats That Aren’t Candy”

  1. beanolc Says:

    We haven’t celebrated V-day in nearly 15 years. My birthday is next week and back when we were broke, we had to choose (and srsly, my birthday is MUCH more important!). Over the years it’s become habit.

    Last night over dinner Himself relayed a conversation with a newly married co-worker:
    Other Guy: “So what are you doing for your girl tonight?”
    My Guy: “Nothing, really.”
    Other Guy: “What? You have to do something to show her you love her and she’s special!”
    My Guy: “I make sure to do that every day. Why set aside one day a year to do that?”
    Other Guy: “Wow. That makes a lot of sense. I like it.”

    And don’t get me started on this thing that V-Day is only for women. If you celebrate it, and you’re a woman, do something for your partner too!

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