Epic Workplace Turmoil

I’m on a business trip in Los Angeles right now, since Sunday evening. I knew it was going to be a very busy trip and Monday it got even worse when my boss abruptly left the company to “pursue other opportunities”. My team is reeling from the shock and confusion of what’s going to happen next, will we have jobs, who is this new guy that’s the new boss, etc. As you can imagine.

Meanwhile I’m 350 miles away from the rest of the team on a business trip with very little spare time for exercising and very little option in my meal choices. I’m spending all day every day in conference rooms with 50 other people, catered lunches and snacks.

I mentioned before my strategy and it’s holding up well this week – pack along supportive snacks, stick to veggies, salads and meat for lunch, no bread, no pastries, no cookies. Exercise has been tougher. Monday we got the boss news at 4:45pm and I needed to drive to San Diego that night after work for my Tuesday meetings. Exercise would have been a blessed stress release right about then but no dice. So I had a vegetarian combo for dinner at a highly-rated Lebanese restaurant in LA (ate about half of it, boxed the other half and promptly forgot it…sigh) then drove for San Diego and got in late and exhausted. Tuesday was meetings all day long (I was even more glad I packed my own snacks – this group didn’t provide any snacks at all! Not even unsupportive ones, just sodas and coffees at break times) then drive back to LA and arrive late and have a sushi dinner (which I walked to, every little bit helps!).

Each of those days I found some time for a walk. The company I work for is very pro-health and even has a path laid out around the parking lot at the LA office to encourage employees to walk on their breaks. I managed a quick trip on the quarter-mile loop today during an afternoon break.

So tonight was the first chance I had to hit the gym and boy did it hit back! The room was stiflingly hot so my workout just felt like torture. I managed 3 miles on the treadmill, switching between walking and jogging. I’m not sure if it was so hard because of the heat or because I’m dreadfully out of shape, but since I don’t normally work out under incandescent floodlights I’m going to go with it being the heat that made it so hard.

Now I’m going to seek out some ceviche for dinner – fish and lemon juice, that’s about as supportive and tasty as it gets!

I hope your week has been less exciting than mine!


One Response to “Epic Workplace Turmoil”

  1. Caron Says:

    Just traveling without the boss leaving is stressful enough. You’re doing a great job on eating and trying to work in a bit of exercise here and there. Maybe things will calm down quickly. Hope so.

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