Never trust hotel catering!

I’ve been in all-day meetings this week in a conference room at a local hotel for a project I’m involved with at work. The first day the hotel catering staff amazed me – fresh steamed veggies and salmon for lunch (if you ignore the bread and rice and brownies next to them, which I did), fresh fruit and yogurt for afternoon snack. I was very pleased with the healthy options and thought it was going to be an easy food week.

The second day they dashed all my hopes – salad, pizza, pasta, and cookies at lunch, brownies and candy bars for afternoon snack. Lucky for me I never trust hotel catering, and I had a banana in my purse for the afternoon snack! Nothing to be done about lunch but to eat a big salad and a small piece of vegetarian pizza.

I’ve been a model of propriety though, having completely eschewed all of the junk food strewn in my path thus far. I’ll be sure to continue my usual policy the rest of the week and pack healthy snacks. I never expect supportive food, especially when I get no say in the matter.


4 Responses to “Never trust hotel catering!”

  1. Princess Dieter Says:

    Yep. Hubby goes on business trips every few months, and he’s learned he needs to be alert to “where to get real food “opportunities. He also has to pack snacks for trips or stop at a grocery store and load up on fruits, cheese, roast beef, nuts, celery/carrot sticks, and Larabars so he can snack in his room or take stuff when the meeting offerings are pure gluten or sugar loaded crap like donuts or danishes or pizza. I’ve also gotten him to strategize at catered meals–take a ziplock bag or something-and get extra of edibles that are green lighted, like cantaloupe chunks, apples, cheese cubes, mixed greens, and just get some to nosh on between meetings.

    Strategy. Gotta have it. At all times!

  2. Jane at Says:

    Wise actions on your part. When all is said and done are responsible for what we put in our mouths. If I do not know what is being served, I have my own food available. I do not want to be put in the position of being hungry and have the only choices be a cookie, a brownie or a candy bar -or nothing at all. That is a dangerous position to be in.

    I always bring my next meal on plane flights, too. I never know if a flight is going to be delayed or stuck on the tarmac.

  3. Academy Catering Companies Says:

    I tend to always eat something before things like this. I do find that it can vary from hotel to hotel.Sometimes it is just so bland. I do find it is better when they outsource the catering.


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