Flexible Planning in Action

Today when I left the house I knew that my day needed to include high-intensity exercise, and I planned to hit the gym at work to do high-resistance elliptical running for at least 30 minutes. I packed my gym bag and headed to work.

Around 10:30am I had a gap in my schedule until 2pm, so I headed to the gym. I started to change and found that I had forgotten my workout pants. Immediately I needed to adjust my plan. I had 3 options I could think of:

  1. Workout in the pants I was wearing today. (Not optimal – I intended to work hard and sweat a lot)
  2. Call husband to bring pants over if he was still at the house, come back to the gym later.
  3. If not, go to the house and pick them up and come back to the gym later.
  4. Workout after my afternoon meetings ended at 5pm. (Less appealing)

I got dressed again and went back to my building and my desk. I called my sweetie and he had JUST left the house, and was happy to go back and get my pants and bring them over before heading out for his errands. That was excellent, but by the time he’d brought them over I’d had several requests for my time while sitting at my desk that I needed to handle, so I couldn’t go straight back to the gym. I looked at the clock and figured out that the latest I could possibly go to the gym and still get back in time for my afternoon meetings was 12:30. So as the morning ticked by I heated up my lunch and handled my work tasks and managed to get over to the gym at 12:30. Where I found I hadn’t packed any saline solution to put my contacts into after my workout.

Looking at the computer screen while wearing contacts gives me headaches (I worked with a contact lens specialist for about 6 months trying every different kind before we both gave up – it is what it is) so now I had another problem to solve – going back to my desk after my workout wearing contacts isn’t an option. Again I had to evaluate my options – I either had to throw away these contacts after my workout, go to a store after my workout to get some saline and take them out after that, or go home and take them out there.

So I did my workout (and I worked it hard, too!), then left my contacts in when I got dressed afterward. Then I went back to my desk, picked up my laptop and headed home to take my afternoon calls from my home office (my bed).

I’m pleased that I managed to persevere despite several little obstacles and still execute my plan. Some days my life feels like a rolling chaos field – for all the planning I do every day, the details seem to be constantly shifting and giving me new opportunities to practice my flexibility.


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