Midweek progress

Monday I vowed to get high-intensity cardio Monday-Wednesday-Friday this week. So far I’m on track. Monday I hit the gym for 40 minutes of high-resistance elliptical, and today I carved out an hour to go for a run after lunch.

I’m feeling on track and satisfied with my mid-week progress. Tonight I’ll be making one of my favorite recipes and later I’ll post it (after making it to ensure I’m remembering it right). I am not a natural cook, it’s not a hobby I enjoy, so the things I make tend to be very minimal, simple and quick recipes, often not even deserving of the label “recipe”, but I do my best.

One thing I have noticed many times over the years is that, contrary to most expectations, vigorous exercise tends to have an appetite-suppressing effect for me. On the days I run I find I am less hungry and end up eating less overall. I’m not sure if it’s a physical phenomenon having to do with chemicals and hormones, or simple the fact that I just took an hour and a half chunk out of the middle of my day during which I was unable to eat anything at all that does the trick, but either way – I’ll take it!


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