Head Scratcher

Last week I was very diligent – I exercised a lot, I avoided all sorts of food sabotage, I even went out Saturday night to a sports bar to hang out with a friend at a wine tasting and consumed only zero-calorie beverages. Yesterday I avoided all sorts of baked goods and treats as I attended a professional user group meeting that were staring right at me for 4 hours.

For all of my efforts this morning I was rewarded with…a half-pound gain.

Stupid body. I was already at a crisis state, which is why I was working so hard.

Stupid body. I’m going to spare myself (and you) all of the usual justifications – I did not gain a half-pound of muscle in a week, I am not retaining water due to my monthly cycle, I did not have a big salty meal last night.

Really, there’s no reason it didn’t work last week. Ahh…the mystery of the human body. Sometimes you just have to shake your head and say, “Next week. Next week is when it will show up.”

If it doesn’t I’m chopping off a leg or something.


5 Responses to “Head Scratcher”

  1. Caron Says:

    Ha ha First a leg, then an arm. Honestly, we both know this happens despite our best efforts. You may get on the scale in two days and be down a pound. We’ll hope for that! 🙂

  2. Jennifer Says:

    I feel your frustration – I managed to get through the holiday without gaining weight – I actually lost weight, and was feeling like I might be able to reach my next micro-goal. I was strong on exercise and eating well and cut down on calories. I have suddenly gained 6 pounds. I do seem to be experiencing some aberrant mid-month hormonal poisoning, but I am really frustrated, and about to cut off a leg as well. I don’t really need that leg.

  3. Yoko Olsgaard Says:

    Try eating something fattening. I know this sounds weird, but sometimes, your body needs to relax from it’s constant misguided effort to help you gain weight back when it thinks you are trying to starve it to death.

    Of course, it being your body and not mine, this may not work for you at all. But it did work for me.

  4. Sarah Says:

    I know you don’t like “excuses,” but… do you know the accuracy of your scale? I’m just saying because I know ours is probably only accurate to +/- 1/2 lb. (My husband, who doesn’t seem to care at all what the number on the scale means, likes to experiment with it, weighing himself over and over in succession, before and after the shower, etc., and it can change as much as a pound.) Depending on the accuracy, your real weight could be a half or a full pound in either direction. I know you were looking for a decline, and it can easily be used as an excuse, but sometimes remembering this helps me keep sane over an unexpected half pound.

    • Laina Says:

      It’s true, it’s not a super accurate scale. I look to it mostly for trends. The trend recently has been up, although yesterday I noted a 2-pound drop, due to the end of my period mostly likely. Also, I wish I could channel some of the Zen of Husbands and not care at all what the number on the scale says, too. 🙂

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