New Apples!

I may be the last person to discover this, but I discovered a new apple! In general, I’m very picky about apples that I will eat, and the apple industry only have themselves to blame. Over the course of decades they’ve somehow managed to sap all the flavor out of the most common varieties of apples, either through genetic modification or just by picking them too early to ship them thousands of miles. I won’t touch red delicious, green delicious, golden delicious (none of these are delicious, they taste like sawdust to me). I also avoid Granny Smith (too tart). That pretty much leaves me with Fujis or the occasional Braeburn (if you can find it), which are alright but nothing I would go out of my way for (or write a blog post about).

Earlier this week I spied what looked like golden delicious apples in our giant fruit bowl.

I wondered exactly why my very smart husband, who knows my apple preferences, would even buy them. He told me they looked so good at the store – they had a slight orangey glow that he couldn’t resist. I didn’t realize at that point that they weren’t the hated golden delicious, I thought he’d just succumbed to a momentary lapse of reason.


Yesterday I found one in my lunch box and so I tried it. YOU MUST TRY THESE APPLES!! They’re called Opals. They are so good – nothing at all like golden delicious, they are deceptive that way! So crunchy, so sweet without being tart! So perfectly appley and good – just what you want an apple to taste like but they never do. It’s the Elemental Apple.


11 Responses to “New Apples!”

  1. Connie Says:

    My maternal grandfather raised and developed apples of many varieties. There were many more varieties, even in the 50’s than we usually see in the markets. I have loved seeing that they are now starting to sell more kinds of apples. It’s about time! Probably they have developed better ways to store and transport them. I can hardly wait to see this one in our market.
    What store did he get them from, do you know?

  2. Karen Williams Says:

    Braeburns are grown locally. That’s the only kind of apple I got this week in my fruit box from Farm Fresh to You.

  3. Yoko Olsgaard Says:

    Well, that is the first posting of yours that made me drool! Thanks for the tip. I agree with you on the other apples. I like Gala apples too.

  4. Karen@WaistingTime Says:

    I think I saw these at my store this week. I’ll have to try them.

  5. Princess Dieter Says:

    Oh, me wanna try! I was never a huge apple person–I so prefer tropical fruits and citrus–but lately, been craving them. Been having Fuji and crimson gold (tiny tiny apples, so cute). I adore the Ambrosia ones, and I like Galas a lot.

    Now, I wanna try this. I also don’t care for Golden Delicious and I only use Granny Smith’s for compote or stewed apples or baked apples (too tart for me to just eat). But these, promising! THANKS.

  6. Princess Dieter Says:

    Oh, honeycrisps. Yeah, love the texture on those. Make my teeth feel good. 😀

  7. Caron Says:

    I bought a couple of Jonagold apples this week that were good. I also bought what they termed “lunch box size Gala’s” and they had no taste. Ugh. The honeycrisp is the newest apple I’ve tried and I like it a lot. Unfortunately, they were almost $3 a pound this week.

  8. Jen Says:

    If you like Braeeburn, you may also like Jazz and Macintosh, which are available at Safeway and TJ’s.

    My favorite are Pippin, which I can only get for a short season at farmer’s markets. We had a Pippin tree in the yard where I grew up. They’re crisp like Granny Smith, but not so puckeringly tart. Crispness and a non-mealy texture are my prime criteria for apples.

  9. Donna Says:

    The guy I get my apples from at the FB Farmers Market usually has tasty and interesting apples. I will try to remember to bring you his good ones. Will you be at the Ball on 1/28?

  10. Mona Akerblom Says:

    macintosh. in CA they’re not at SW or TJ, but you can find them at good veggie/fruit stands

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