Now is the time, today is the day

Ok, the holidays are over, definitely and truly. Maybe you even started a diet on January 1st or 2nd. It’s been a week now and it’s getting boring. I know.

Or, maybe you’ve been putting it off. You know you didn’t do so well over the holidays, but just getting started on a diet or exercise program seems like such a hassle, such a burden, what with work and everything.

Maybe you’re worried that your partner has noticed the few pounds you’ve put on over the last year or so.* Or you’re depressed and think that his or her attraction to you might slip a bit because of those stupid pounds.

Or maybe you just haven’t found the little push to tip you over the edge, but you know you need to get cracking and do something.

Boy, the little voices and feelings and emotions and thoughts running rampant in your head, making you sad about your body and your weight, are getting loud. And annoying. Let’s shut them up.

So, here’s the plan: Tomorrow is going to be a deficit day. You know how to do it – you know what works for your body, because it’s worked in the past when you work it. You know what you need to have on hand to make it happen, so today schedule in that extra 20 minutes you need to hit the grocery store to pick up the supportive foods you need for tomorrow. Maybe pick up enough for a few days.

And tomorrow, just do it for one day. We’re not talking about a lifetime commitment here, just a day. A good, solid deficit day. You know what that feels like – you know that nothing tastes as good as that feels. You know what planning you need to do to make it happen – pack a lunch, bring your gym clothes, make your dinner in your own kitchen. Take the time to make it happen just for a day.

And then, at the end of the day tomorrow, come post a comment and tell me you made it and had a deficit day. I’ll be having one too. Because if I’m thinking all those things above (where do you think I get this stuff from?) I bet you’ve thought it occasionally too. Let’s make it happen – turn those stupid voices into a force for good, focus that obsession away from the flaws we perceive in our bodies and into the actions we take to take care of ourselves. Just one day – do it tomorrow. Prep for it today. Buy a little extra of the supportive foods – you might want to do it again the next day.


*They haven’t. Your partner is just happy to get to play with your body. All that worry is you projecting. Do something better with that obsessing – focus on the steps you need to do to clean up your weight management routine. Then you can forget all your insecurities about your body and just enjoy it, since you’re doing what you need to do already.

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