Back to tracking…

I’ve been home sick this week, so weight management hasn’t been my highest priority. I saw the doctor yesterday and got some medicine and a diagnosis, and am feeling a bit better today. One thing that happened at the doctor’s office yesterday was the routine “hey, you’re here, step on there please” weigh-in. It’s a new doc for me, so she doesn’t know my history, and they weighed me fully dressed with shoes right after breakfast and coffee. All justifications aside, the number was shockingly higher than I expected. I haven’t had a chance to do a sanity check on my home scale yet (this morning was rough, I was feeling poorly and trying to get awake enough to log in for a work conference call, so my sweet husband brought me coffee and breakfast in bed as I was too groggy to manage the stairs – after I finally got up for the first time it was too late to weigh) so I have no idea how their number correlates to my home scale number.

But, taking all that into consideration, I started tracking my food today in my journal again. I haven’t done that for a while, but now that the holiday season is over I can focus more on my intake with fewer distractions to derail me. Exercise hasn’t come on line yet for me this year (with being sick and all), but I intend to go for at least a quick 15 minute walk around the block this evening just to do a systems check and see how the healing is coming along.

So, who’s doing a New Year Resolution? I don’t do them, but I tend to do a January post-holidays skills tune-up and tighten things up where they might be slacking a little bit – resuming my diet journaling dovetails nicely into that effort for me. The reports I hear from my friends who workout in gyms is that at least some people are working on resolutions!


5 Responses to “Back to tracking…”

  1. Freewaydiva Says:

    Not so much a resolution but a “the holiday was nice, but now it’s time to get serious again.” My tool set is solid, so it’s just a matter of sticking to what I know are good choices and not deviating. My system is a simple one, and the recent trying on of bathing suits has given me new resolve…

    Glad you’re feeling better!

    • Laina Says:

      I have to admit, I am very curious about what you’re doing. I checked out the links you posted for the books, but on a more practical level, I’m intensely curious what you actually eat on a day-to-day basis, and what kind of choices you make at restaurants, while still enjoying socializing, etc. My interest is largely because I’d like to investigate starting to incorporate some of the principles of your method into my own regimen. Care to share?

  2. Freewaydiva Says:

    Happy to!

    To sum up: I don’t – as a rule – eat grain (of any sort), legumes (including peanuts), potatoes or sugar. I do eat all meats/fish/fowl, vegetables, fruit, nuts, eggs and dairy (whole milk, cream, cheese, butter. None of that skim milk bullshit). I generally drink coffee/tea, wine and water. For excercise, I walk or use my wee elliptical (and take the stairs, and go the long way, and get up and wander around a bit during the day, and park at the back of the lot…), and once a week I spend 20 minutes with a Super Slow trainer doing a standard circut of leg press, chest press, row, arm press, back extension and neck extension – all very heavy weights, very slowly, for only a few reps (like, three on a good day). I don’t count anything or track anything. Once in a while I step on a scale to see how things are going, but mostly I just go by how my clothes are fitting. (I’m down two full dress sizes.)

    A typical day of meals for me looks like: Coffee w/ cream & sugar; eggs if I have time, an organic, grain-free breakfast bar if I don’t; Homemade soup or stew for lunch, often with an apple; hunk of meat and some veg for dinner, sometimes with a glass of wine.

    Eating out is actually quite a bit easier than I thought it would be. I don’t eat the free bread/chips (and, depending on who I’m with, generally ask them to just not bother leaving it in the first place), I find entrees that don’t have grain/starch, or substitute (“can I skip the polenta and just get extra veg?”). My go-to in desperate situations is a Caesar with protein – chicken,shrimp, whatever – because most places have that. I generally avoid genres that are grain-heavy, like Italian, Indian or Asian, but can usually find something on the menu that doesn’t require pasta or rice vehicles. If it’s just too awkward or too much of a PITA, I just make the best choice that I can (brown rice being the lessest of grain evils, for example), and manage, knowing that the Secret Food Police aren’t going to leap out and beat me senseless. Every day is another opportunity to be on track.

    Now, I’m not militant, by any means. I put sugar in my coffee – I’d rather just take the hit from a real food product than ingest chemicals. I read labels in the grocery store, but don’t get too fussed about rooting out hidden grains at restaurants. And sometimes I just want a damn cookie, but I don’t let it derail me. I don’t let one cookie become the whole box, for example. If I have a craving (hello PMS) I satisfy it, and then move on. But I also have found ways to modify stuff I like – using cauliflower instead of pasta or rice, for example, or not putting beans in my chili.

    What I never, ever do is eat not-food, low cal, or non/low fat. Generally, that stuff isn’t actually food, which is *worse* than eating grains and sugar. What they do to skim milk to make it “appealing” is disgusting. Sugar substitutes horrify me, and are linked to a variety of ailments that I’d rather avoid. Food with food in it, only, please. Organic is best.

    The research I’ve done on this has led me to some conclusions:

    1) Grains – especially wheat and corn – are hidiously inflammatory, and are most likely very heavy contributors to our obesity epidemic. That includes high fructose corn syrup, which is a rant for another day.

    2) If you eat food that has fat and flavor and…well…FOOD in it, you’ll actually satisfy your body, and stop when you’re full. FAT IS NOT THE ENEMY.

    3) Excercising too much – especially cardio – quickly becomes counterprodctive.

    4) Sometimes I just want a damn cookie, and…that’s ok.

    I got turned on to all this by – it’s a bit “pop-science”-y, but his book ‘Primal Blueprint’ is a pretty good introduction in laymans’ terms. The books I link to in my blog are a bit more scientific in presenting the same information, I’m told. There are other Paleo resources, as well, but I haven’t explored them.

    And in conclusion (sorry this got so long!), when I told my doctor I was doing this, she smiled and said “good. It’s a great way to eat, and I’ll bet you see some great results. Don’t forget to excercise.”

    • Laina Says:

      Wow, awesome! Thank you for all the information, and the link. I’m going to check it out – your results speak for themselves, and it’s a way of eating that’s appealing, I’m curious if I could transition more to that direction in my eating habits. I’m pretty close already – as long as fruit is allowed I’m in! Thanks again for the write-up, I’ve been curious how the paleo-type diets shake out on a day-to-day basis. I’ll check out the link.


  3. Andie Says:

    I’m not all-out paleo, diet-wise, but I have been avoiding most grains and simple carbs pretty successfully for the past few months. A little goes a long way – a small red potato, for example, or an actual serving of brown rice (1/2 cup) eaten with tons of veggies and protein. I feel healthier when I eat that way.

    My resolutions are:
    – Keep tracking my food, because it really is the only thing that keeps me honest. I’ve been out of town on a little vacation, and an open bag of tortilla chips has been on the counter the whole damn time, so my food tracker has entries like 1 tortilla chip with lunch, 2 tortilla chips with dinner. I could leave them out, but 15 or 25 calories at a pop add up, and I need to SEE what that looks like.
    – Keep weighing myself daily. I can’t hide. I have, on the occasions when someone has weighed me fully dressed late in the day, simply closed my eyes and asked not to be told the number. They can think I’m crazy, but I know exactly how discouraging a scale that is off by a pound or two + weighing while full of food & water & fully dressed can be!
    – Trying to reach at least 10,000 steps a day on my pedometer. Generally, I can’t get there without exercise, so I’m holding off on setting really specific exercise goals. if I hit the 10K, I’m doing something, and something seems to be enough.

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