I’m increasingly coming to the realization…

The more I learn about the whole weight loss and maintenance proposition, the more I think the reason it’s a nut that is so hard to crack is because HOW it succeeds is a different set of answers for every single person. There’s no one answer to push – every body seems to react to a different set of circumstances and stimuli, making it only possible to really speak in very vague terms – like “making the right decisions” and creating tools to help a person stick to whatever framework it is that their specific body needs. Those tools and behaviors can be taught, but the specific steps each person needs to use to take seem to be very individual.

It’s frustrating, fascinating, depressing, liberating, and everything in between.


One Response to “I’m increasingly coming to the realization…”

  1. Caron Says:

    I agree. Although my husband and I are both trying to maintain a weight loss, we do things quite differently. It is interesting to plan our food and portions and exercise. Then we can see how we go up or down or stay the same. 🙂

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