Happy New Year!

I hosted a small gathering of close friends last night, and inspired by somebody online I made some tasty art. I say “somebody” because I could have sworn it was Andie, I thought she’d posted a similar pic of a pineapple fruit tray with some of her amazing food creations, but I couldn’t find it when I looked through her journal to properly credit it, so one of yous guyz posted a pineapple art fruit tray a few weeks ago and it stuck in my head and inspired me last night to create this healthy, delicious offering for the food table. So thank you, I was noshing on fruit all night. All I did was chop up a pineapple, leaving the core and base intact, then spear a cube of pineapple along with either a raspberry or a blackberry and stick them back into the standing core, and pile the remaining pineapple and berries around the base. Pretty, tasty and healthy.

This year I will continue to focus on my health goals, I had a hard year last year with lots of injuries and time off of running due to pain management. I can’t say definitely that this year will be any different, but I’m hoping that some of the techniques I learned this year for managing and healing the pain when it starts will help me get back out there faster.

Last night one of my friends said something very wise. She said, “If you’re always waiting around to be happy you’re going to miss your whole life.” Similarly, if I’m always waiting around to be in perfect shape or a perfect size I’m going to miss out on a whole lot of living. I’m working hard to accept my body as it is, and I continually strive to maintain and improve what I have. Fitter, stronger, faster, healthier – these are great goals for 2012. And so is accepting myself and loving me just the way I am, flaws and all. My body can do amazing things, just the way it is. Yours can too. A few pounds up or down doesn’t change the essential value of me or you as a person. So I keep fighting the good fight on weight management, but at the end of the day, I love myself however I find myself every morning when I wake up.  Here’s to loving ourselves even more in 2012.

Happy New Year! Here’s my favorite pic of the night (so far).

I hope you all had a wonderful NYE, however you celebrated!


3 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. beanolc Says:

    I missed your creation. In fact, I missed the food table completely! I remembered your advice of having a “drink” in hand so F made me a club soda spritzer… and I avoided the snack table all together. Of course you would have had healthy choices! My new party mode is to just not even think about it, and la, I don’t even miss it. 😉

  2. Caron Says:

    Love the picture. The dress and you are beautiful.

  3. Andie Says:

    That dress IS stunning!

    I love the pineapple as canvas. I have all sorts of annoying fruit allergies, so my creations tend to be veggie trays, but I can eat pineapple, so I’m going to have to do one of these at some point.

    I allowed myself to miss out on too much because I was worried (and nobody else was) that I didn’t look right/was too fat/didn’t have anything to wear … enough! I’m done with that.

    Here’s to loving ourselves more in 2012 – I agree.

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