Clearing a Mental Rut

Last night I went out for a walk around 8pm, just to get some exercise. It wasn’t a long walk, but I went and did it. Since then I’d been casting around to figure out how and what to do today for exercise.

Getting up early and doing it before work wasn’t going to happen – I know me and I know that in the dead of winter getting up out of a warm cozy bed while it’s still dark to go exercise in the cold isn’t going to happen. After work tonight is out because I have a speaking engagement.  For some reason coming around to figuring out that I need to do it sometime during the day took a very long time, mostly because I hate the gym and that’s the only option in the middle of the day.

But then lying in bed hitting snooze this morning I had a realization. The reason I don’t like running before work is because it’s so cold and dark out. If I went to the gym at work, changed clothes there and then went out for a run from there it would be both light out, and warm enough to run!

I have regularly gone for runs from the work gym in the past, but only after work, so it had gotten stuck in my head that running from the work gym was an after-work only activity. Obviously that’s not true, but because I had only ever done it that way, many times, my mind had decided that there was a good reason I didn’t run during the day and only in the evening – but there simply is not.

So when I was getting ready this morning I packed up my running clothes and all the things I’d need to continue working after my run. It’s a different set of things than I normally pack for the gym because normally I go straight home after working out there so I don’t bother with the niceties, but it’s not that hard to put some deodorant and hair stuff in my bag too.

And that is today’s plan – a run in the early afternoon, I even blocked out the time in my work calendar. I feel like I remembered something important today – I took the time to think about WHY I only ever did things a certain way and it turned out that it wasn’t because other ways weren’t workable, just that the way I did it worked for me at that time – and something different will work for me now. What habits have you formed without realizing they were forming, that might be hindering your goals instead of helping?


2 Responses to “Clearing a Mental Rut”

  1. Yoko Olsgaard Says:

    I must confess, I have been getting into the habit of going to bed later and later. And it’s making me get up later and later. So, your post today reminded me to get back on the right path so that I will have an less stressful holiday and stay on my weight loss path. I strayed this weekend at parties, so I have a renewed interest in helping me staying on track to my goal.

    I like your idea of planning your workout into your day and preparing. You are awesome, Laina! Have a great day and a great run!

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    My challenge at the moment is finding good habits while on break form school/work. It’s easy when I’m not home because I have a schedule that I keep to in reguards to eating and exercising. At home, I have food at my disposal and would rather stay home and relax with my dog than go outside and get exercise.
    I bought fruit, frozen veggies, and canned soups at the store yesterday in order to have better options available. Hopefully that will get the ball rolling!

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