Winding down today, planning for tomorrow

I went for a run today for the first time in over a month. I’ve been healing from a flare up of a chronic back injury that comes and goes. Anyway, my run this morning was first-rate. I didn’t have to stop to walk at all (proving that my low-impact elliptical workouts in the gym are nearly equivalent for keeping me aerobically fit!), and the trail I run on was alive with so many kinds of birds. I love birds, and I love spotting them. I saw a whole pod of wild turkeys, several types of ducks (little quackers!), 3 snowy egrets, a red-tailed hawk, and 2 blue herons – one of them standing on the trail less then 15 feet away from me – he was probably four feet tall!

Also, I may have eaten an entire pineapple myself today. It was a small-ish pineapple, and I ate it throughout the day, over both lunch and dinner, but…I love pineapple. It’s probably my favorite fruit, I will seriously eat it until I have chemical burns in my mouth due to the acidity but it’s worth it! For a volume eater like me, finding something good for me that I love so much is fantastic.

Dinner was a piece of salmon and some Brussels sprouts (with some pineapple for dessert). My husband was baking this evening – a cake and a pie for a friend’s birthday tomorrow. The house smells wonderful, but there’s no temptation for me right now. Tomorrow, well, that will be another matter. I’ll need to use my party-attendance tools to avoid over-consuming. A run in the morning would also be a good idea, depending on how my back feels when I wake up. Happily, I haven’t had any pain today at all, so I’m thinking I’m cleared for running again.

What I’m doing with this post is sort of mentally preparing for tomorrow, a little planning which I do every night in my head as I’m drifting off to sleep. What are my food environment challenges tomorrow, what’s my plan for handling them, when will I get my exercise? What will I do?

Have a great Sunday, whatever your challenges are.


2 Responses to “Winding down today, planning for tomorrow”

  1. Andie Says:

    It really is just like being a high-performing athlete – if you visualize how you are going to overcome the challenges, how you will perform around temptation, it is much easier once you get right there in front of it.

    I’d leave a longer comment but I’m seriously thinking of a quick grocery store run to get pineapple. That sounds SO GOOD.

  2. Caron Says:

    I’ve been known to eat a whole small watermelon in a day. Love your blog and all the great strategies you employ to stay on track. Merry Christmas. 🙂

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