Something nobody warned me about

The thing I didn’t realize, and still catches me by surprise sometimes, is that I’m cold all the time. I don’t remember being particularly warm all the time before, in fact I can remember liking a nice warm temperature even at my heaviest, but I’ve been assured by many people when I complain of being cold that it’s because I lost 200 pounds and the fat was keeping me warm before. It’s my skin that is cold, and that’s always been outside the fat, but they insist.

I get so cold that my body reads it as physical pain. I am in actual, physical pain when I get too cold. People try to joke with me, when they see me wearing a coat in their house, “Oh, take your coat off and stay awhile, what are you cold or something?” Yes. And it hurts, so I’m not in a mood to joke. I take layers with me wherever I go. I don’t know, and I don’t suspect I ever will know, if it’s related to the massive weight loss or not. All I know is I hate winter, and I wear lots of layers.


5 Responses to “Something nobody warned me about”

  1. Caron Says:

    I have the same problem as we try to keep our thermostat at a low temperature in the winter. I wear sweats and my jacket most of the time inside. I drink a lot of decaf tea just for the warmth. If I let myself get too cold I start tensing up and before I know it my neck and shoulders are aching. Sometimes the only way to make it stop is to get in bed and warm up.

    • Laina Says:

      Yes – getting in bed to warm up some evenings. Also, I will run a super-hot shower and just stay there until I’m warm, or a hot bath. I come out all pink like a lobster, but it works!

  2. Sarah Says:

    I have been following your blog a lot – it inspired me to continue losing weight (slowly). I especially like your anti-BMI posts. Anyway, I’m cold all the time, even though I’m still halfway between my highest weight and my goal, and it *is* painful. It might be a hormonal thing (thyroid changes due to weight loss?) rather than the “fat keeping you warm.” I have a suspicion, though, that I lose weight more easily when I keep warm. I use hot packs sometimes under my clothes. I keep wristwarmers by the computer (typing makes me cold). And long underwear or leggings under jeans really help me. I keep blankets and sweaters all over the place – some rooms are much colder than others. I also drink tea as Caron suggests. What I hate is that my workplace is overheated (that’s saying something for me), so I have to dress warmly to walk there but figure out what layers I can shed when I get there. Everyone who comes to my office starts taking off clothes!

  3. Susie Says:

    Since I have lost weigh being cold has also been my experience . I think it is the list of the extra fat. I don’tmind being cold as long as my weight is on target. Smiling

  4. overextended Says:

    This was something nobody warned me about either. After dropping my own 130 pounds, I feel cold all the time! At times my fingers and toes get so numb I cannot feel them. It can take up to an hour for them to thaw, even if I am running inside on a treadmill sweating my butt off! However, in light of the alternative, I’ll accept it.

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