Time to Refocus and Add Some Structure

This week has been extremely grueling for me at work, I’ve been in all-day working sessions and highly scheduled every evening, so that means too much food plus not enough time for exercise, plus little control over my food environment.

I can’t say I’m completely pleased with how this week has gone from a weight management standpoint, but I am pleased with my ability to fight back in small ways. Today I had exactly 30 minutes free in the middle of my day when we had some break-out groups from our working session. So I went for a walk. It is a small victory, but it is a victory to put my food down and stop the cycle. Just getting some exercise for 30 minutes today allowed me to refocus on my goals and shore up my resolve to bring my eating habits in line.

It’s going to be another weekend of constant temptation and hectic activity.  After work tonight I will hit the gym and get some good intense exercise for at least an hour. I may start journaling my food and exercise totals every day here starting next week, because I’m finding it’s a good time of year for me to add some extra structure to my weight management efforts. Sometimes I can be a little more relaxed, but December is not one of those times.


2 Responses to “Time to Refocus and Add Some Structure”

  1. Andie Says:

    Congrats for seizing the opportunity to take those 30 minutes to walk. Small victories like that are the ones I’m most proud of, and the ones that, when added up, aren’t small at all.

  2. Caron Says:

    I love your diligence. We have to stay alert or we’ll go backward. 🙂

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