A Little Confession

It’s time to talk about treats. I often say, “Treats aren’t for every day.” But you know what is for every day? A little something sweet. Something I like that won’t completely derail me. I like a little something sweet after dinner, there I said it. Usually fruit won’t do it, either, because I’ve been eating fruit all day at work from my lunch bag.

So most evenings I go looking for something else, something I consider a dessert, but not too big.  Often it’s something like low-cal toast with some jam. That’s all it takes, and it’s maybe 75 calories. Worth every one, too. Just a taste is all I need, most nights, that is enough.

Except when it’s not. Sometimes, we make brownies in my house. It’s a fact. Nobody is perfect all the time, least of all me. So last night we made brownies, and I ate two of them.

Used to be, early in my maintenance, such a thing would cause me epic amounts of remorse and self-flagellation. Not anymore. I know that the majority of the time I’m doing great. Weight management is about trends, and if my trends are good, I can enjoy a treat. A little something every day, or a massive, honking brownie once in a while. Part of why being in such a regular, predictable rut all day long is totally acceptable to me – eating the same thing every day at work doesn’t faze me at all, in fact I like it and have come to rely on it because it means that sometimes I can splurge.

Oh, and I just had the last brownie with my lunch. It’s Friday. Just a little indulgence. Nobody’s perfect every minute of every day. If they were none of us would need to read blogs about weight management.

Happy Friday – keep your good trends strong.


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