Get that smug feeling!

One of my favorite ways to get exercise is to make it part of my daily routine, which is a big part of why I’m so excited about my move to the new house.

But, it’s not just getting to work and back. Anytime I’m getting to and from somewhere under my own power is a win. I try not to drive anywhere that I can bike, and I try not to bike anywhere that I can walk. Is the grocery store in walking distance? Let’s do this! Can I ride my bike to the movies? Let me get my bike lock.

The really nice thing about destination exercise is that I don’t have to plan a chunk of my day around just getting exercise, and I don’t have to feel like that time is wasted for getting anything else done – it’s two birds with one stone! Instead of spending an hour and a half going to the gym, working out, showering, getting dressed again, etc, then heading out to spend another chunk of time grabbing some groceries, I can roll it all in together and probably still be done in less than an hour.

Or, recently, instead of driving to work then fretting to figure out which hour of my day is best used for going to the gym (which I generally don’t enjoy anyway), I walk to work and get my exercise while I’m doing my commute. I also find myself looking forward to my walk home each day, and in general feeling like my job is less onerous since it isn’t bookended by a tedious, boring, frustrating drive on roads crowded with bad drivers. (it’s a fact – everybody that isn’t you is a terrible driver!)

Can you bike to the store? Can you walk to the movies? How about walking to lunch today, or taking a couple of laps at the mall while deciding what to buy during your Christmas shopping? Is there any way you can roll some extra physical activity into your day?

Get that smug feeling of knowing you’re doing good in so many ways!


One Response to “Get that smug feeling!”

  1. Caron Says:

    Every time I empty my shopping cart at the grocery store and think for a moment of leaving it where it is, I hear my Weight Watcher leader saying “Go on and return the cart and get in a few more steps.” I also park a long way from the store to get in some extra steps. I’m not walking like you are but it adds up. 🙂

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