A Very Reasonable Day

I didn’t walk to work today because I was running a little late, so I took the opportunity to bring my gym bag so I can hit the weights and high-intensity cardio after work.

Every day, I plan to get about an hour of exercise, and I try to intersperse high intensity and weights with medium intensity, like walking. It’s just something on my list of to dos every day, like brushing my teeth or getting dressed.

Food today was the usual packed lunch. What’s in my lunch?

  • Tupperware bowl of soup ~200 cal
  • banana ~150 cal
  • apple ~75 cal
  • pear ~75 cal
  • Luna bar ~200 cal
  • Fuyu persimmon ~50 cal

I ate everything in my bag, grazing almost every hour throughout the day. That’s 750 calories, plus I treated myself with a non-fat latte, ~100 cal. So including my breakfast of hot cereal (~200 cal) I’m sitting at around 1050 calories so far today.

I’ll work out for an hour, probably burning around 500 calories (half hour of weight training, half hour on the elliptical at high intensity). Then I’ll have more soup for dinner (this soup is amazing), probably 300-400 calories worth, and maybe a glass of wine (~150 calories).

Total Cal: 1600

Net Cal: 1100 cal.

There it is, my perfectly reasonable healthy day, eating almost every hour. I don’t feel deprived in the least.


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