Post-Thanksgiving Planning

I walked to work this morning. I need to make a few tweaks to my layering system though, as I arrived at work sweaty but with frozen fingers. I need to find a way to warm my extremities but not my trunk, as that gets warmed fine from the exertion of walking. Tomorrow is another chance to figure that out.

Tomorrow I will also step on the scale and see just how bad the damage from the last two weeks has been. To recap: Moving from one city to another, with all the attendant kitchen-less days and eating in restaurants, plus Thanksgiving, plus a little housewarming soiree on Friday means I’m expecting a gain. I intend to be very strict with my diet over the next few weeks until Christmas. My exercise plan is to walk to work every day. I haven’t figured out yet how I can get some high-intensity exercise in, as carrying a gym bag plus purse plus lunchbag on my walk to work every day isn’t really feasible.

One possibility is to walk home after work, grab my gym bag then go back to work (where my gym is) with my bag and do my workout then. This may be feasible 1-2 days a week, but I suspect this plan will evolve over the next few weeks as I figure out my new routine in my new home and with my new commute.

Overall I’m very optimistic about the coming weeks and my ability to manage my weight. Last night I remembered something important – when I’m not ravenous, I can enjoy the smell and only the smell of food that I probably am better off not eating. It doesn’t do any damage at all to appreciate how something smells, so I indulged to my heart’s content.


3 Responses to “Post-Thanksgiving Planning”

  1. Trystan Says:

    I have a backpack-style gym bag — which, frankly, I haven’t used in a year, & I could give to you, if you like! It’s big, but not “I’m carrying around all of Canada on my back” huge. Lots of separate compartments for shoes, toiletries, etc., so your lunch & purse could be separate.

    Another option is to drive or bike to work on Monday carrying a gym bag, leave that at the office all week & go to the gym, walk to work Tues/Wed/Thurs, then drive/bike home on Friday to take it home.

    • Laina Says:

      Those are great suggestions! I’m checking out a satchel I saw at Goodwill over the weekend tonight (didn’t buy it because I’m dumb, buying it tonight if it’s still there) to consolidate lunch and purse into one. I may want your backpack, but I also like your idea of picking a day or two to work out at the gym and driving those days.

  2. Donna Says:

    You can carry more on a bike and get exercise. I put my clothes for work, my lunch and my purse in my backback. If I’m going to the gym too, then my towel, cleaning supplies, and rowing equipment go in the bike saddlebag. The saddlebags are also useful if I plan on stopping at the store on the way home and need more carrying space. Obviously, I bike in my exercise clothes, so I don’t need a separate carrying bag for them.

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