Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

Yesterday went fairly well for me. I spent most of the morning unpacking and making furniture for my new house, then headed out for a Thanksgiving feast with friends. I ate in moderation, enjoyed a little bit of the things I really wanted to, and avoided alcohol. All that being said, I still ate more yesterday than I would on a normal day, so today I’ll be heading out for some exercise first thing, then my day can commence.

How did your Thanksgiving feast go? And more importantly, what’s your plan for avoiding the holiday season weight gain that is so common this time of year? I’ll be exercising regularly, eating in moderation, and not indulging in treats every time I encounter them. In order to accomplish that I’ll be keeping my home mostly clear of holiday cookies, cakes, pies and candies – I need to create a safe food space in order to meet my goals.


3 Responses to “Thanksgiving Wrap-Up”

  1. Bluezy Says:

    I ate more than I would normally eat, ass well. Awareness of being on a diet journey has kept me on the better side of eating. I have some guilt and emotional issues to deal with. Being that I am low carb and ate carbs for the past couple of weeks has me scale shy. I look at me having a cold more as a body complaining of my neglect. I should be back on the roll soon enough.

    Making furniture sounds interesting!

  2. Bluezy Says:

    omg typo or freudian slip? lol I guess the ass in me revealed itself?

  3. Caron Says:

    We have the same strategy for the holidays. We’ve also been doing this about the same length of time. BUT, you have lost a lot more weight than me and I applaud you for that. We’ll just continue to be diligent about keep it off. 🙂

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