Posting a Gain

My weight is up a pound and a half over the last several weeks, according to my weigh-in this morning. A pound and a half is not a crisis, yet, but more importantly I’m not going to let it become a crisis through inattention or excuses.

Because I keep a wary eye on my weight, a pound and a half can be easily managed by tightening up a few of my behaviors, specifically being more diligent about getting my exercise, and cutting out bits and bites, the occasional treat I’ve been indulging in. I’ve already started and I’m confident this will produce the results I want.

I know exactly why my weight is up, but knowing why is not the same as making excuses. Knowing why and occasionally giving myself permission is a useful tool I sometimes need to use. Excuses exist to allow me to be complacent and take no action. It’s very easy to say, “Well, I ate a very salty dinner last night, so I’m retaining water, it’s only a little bit so obviously it’s not real weight.” Or to say, “I’m building muscle, I don’t need to worry about it.” Or my favorite, “It’s just a random fluctuation.” Those are excuses, and none of them support my goals.

This time, I know it’s because I’ve been dealing with an injury, so I’ve been unable to exercise to the extent I normally do. I have a recurring chronic back injury which has flared up in the last few weeks. Some days I am in so much pain that exercise is the last thing I want to do – a half-hour walk on those days is often the best I can manage. Because I know that vigorous exercise works holistically with all of my efforts as a sort of “weight management attitude glue”, losing my regular exercise bouts can sometimes cause the whole net of behaviors to collapse a little bit at the corners. So in addition to getting less exercise, tastes of treats and occasionally indulgences start to become a regular feature as I lose my weight management focus.

Checking in on the scale this week was just the reminder I needed to correct my course before it gets out of hand. Sharpening up my weight management tools will straighten things out quickly.


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