Motivational Quotes

I’ve been told I approach weight management with a certain ruthless pragmatism. I agree. Warm fuzzies are what you’re offered when somebody wants your money for a diet program. People who are selling something say that you can lose weight by eating anything you like. Riiiight. Eating anything I like is how I got to almost 400 pounds. Most complex things can’t be boiled down to a bumper sticker, and weight management is no exception.

That being said, I do have a couple of motivational quotes that I use as shorthand for a larger philosophy for when I’m dealing with temptation. Only two. I’m bad at motivational quotes for the same reason I’m no good at telling jokes: I have a memory like a goldfish. I very much enjoy a good joke, and you can tell me the same one over and over again. Same thing with motivational quotes – I can’t remember most of the good ones I’ve heard. I have only two that have stuck, mostly because they’ve become essential parts of my outlook.

The first one is, “You can have excuses, or you can have results. Pick one.”

I like this one because it goes right to the point. Whatever else may be going on is irrelevant. Either I choose to have results with my weight management, or I choose excuses. I hate excuses.

And second, “If you’re driving along the highway and one of your tires goes flat, you don’t get out and stick a knife in the other three.” This one comes in handy if I’m feeling like I’ve gotten off course and maybe I’m thinking about another food misadventure – you know the thinking, the “oh well, I’ve already screwed it up for today, might as well have that piece of cheesecake!” This is akin to dropping an egg on the kitchen floor and thinking, “Oh well, I’ve already dropped one, I guess I’ll throw the other eleven down too!” My body doesn’t recognize whether I’m eating something because I feel guilty for screwing up on my diet, or if I’m eating it because it’s on my plan, my body is just processing the calories I put in. Why would I throw an extra pile of unnecessary calories on the fire simply because I did once already today? That’s counter-productive.

And that’s it for motivational quotes. I try to avoid needing them by planning, policing my environment and having a solid idea of my caloric needs for the day in case I need to make on-the-spot decisions. Getting good at this is not an overnight process, I’ve been learning through trial and error for over 8 years now, and I learn new things all the time.


4 Responses to “Motivational Quotes”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Very useful. I’m guilty of the second quote way too often…

  2. Daniel Long Says:

    Love it, this post was particularly relevant today.

  3. Bluezy Says:

    The tire one is so multipurpose. I will have to blurt it out when the opportunity comes along! Thanks!

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