What I’m doing today to keep it off

Today has gone exactly according to plan so far. Brought my lunch, ate only what I brought, planned to go for a run after work to scout a new running area near work, and even though it was mildly wet out – sprinkling, really – and I didn’t have my contacts (so my glasses fogged up at about mile 2) I went anyway. 3.4 miles, my estimate is I burned almost 500 calories.

Now the wrinkle – I’m on my way to a regular gathering of friends tonight where dinner and snacks will be leftover food from a child’s birthday party yesterday. I knew I’d be going there tonight, so I packed a dinner this morning too.  Some days you have to plan all the way through before you leave the house. Today was one of those days for me.  Leaving the house this morning I had:

Laptop bag, gym bag, lunch bag, dinner, purse, umbrella. There’s a lot of schlepping, sometimes.


2 Responses to “What I’m doing today to keep it off”

  1. Tim Buxton Says:

    The schlepping has definitely been a challenge for me. I splurged $75 for a mini fridge for my desk at work, so I schlepped in groceries one time (in the evening) and don’t have to do so much daily schlepping.

  2. lisalys Says:

    I’m glad you brought yours in, because I finally got to see what the hmr dinners look like. 🙂 They are so tiny and cute! 🙂 I was eating my dinner in class before I went over, so by the time I got there, I was still pretty stuffed. I can’t believe how filling that fage greek yogurt is!

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